Robbie Dunne: British horse racing bodies want culture change after ban
Dunne and Frost
Robbie Dunne (left) was found guilty on four counts of conduct prejudicial to horse racing by an independent panel

Leading organisations in British horse racing have united to “promote a culture of openness and respect” in the sport following Robbie Dunne’s ban for bullying fellow jockey Bryony Frost.

On Thursday Dunne was banned for 18 months, with three months suspended.

An independent panel was told about a “weighing-room culture” in the sport.

A joint statement from the British Horseracing Authority and six other bodies on Tuesday said they “publicly commit to further improve standards”.

Brian Barker QC, chair of the panel that banned Dunne, said that the jockey was guilty of “distasteful targeting, deliberate harassment on and off track, and occasional cases of dangerous bullying”.

On Thursday, the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) said the case could be a “catalyst for further change within the industry”.

It added: “It is essential that when something does go wrong that people feel that they can call out bad behaviour, and not be made to suffer in silence.”

Now, a group made up of the BHA, National Trainers Federation, Professional Jockeys Association, National Association of Racing Staff, Racehorse Owners Association, Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association and Racecourse Association will form a working party to begin that change.

The party will aim to “deter poor behaviours and any form of discrimination while empowering our people to call out conduct which falls short of our joint expectations”.

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