Hello everyone. I am a Royal VIP player on the Rock N’ Cash Casino app. I have spent way too much money playing slot games on their apps, and this is how they show their appreciation. Keep in mind that there is no way to cash out, or redeem anything for these credits. Yet they set up their games to take your credits. Almost as quick as you bet them. They do not care at all if you get your money worth of entertainment. This video shows how I lost over 300 million credits. In around 15 minutes. Betting around 1% of my bankroll per spin. I even show that if you ever try to bet more. The games pay even less. Keep in mind this on a game that they labeled as a “Hot” game. I am posting this so people don’t get the wrong idea, and think that they care at all about their players. They don’t. Not at all. The more you pay. The more they try to take from you. They try to run their app like a real casino. That will never have to pay anything. It’s a total scam. To be honest. This is my experience with all slot apps. This is just one example.

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  1. I never spent money, there’s a bug where u can get free coins but it does require a few setup. Most important thing is a new account that is a guest so u can transfer to your main account. If u wanna know how please do msg me. I have tons of guest account that I transfer coins to my main account.

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