On today’s Outkick the Show, Clay Travis discussed the Houston Rockets and their complaint over the officiating of Sunday’s playoff loss to the Golden State Warriors. Clay’s advice: “Don’t miss 27 straight three-pointers at home in a playoff game and blame the refs. Blame yourself for sucking.” Ratings are down and the NBA is in trouble, said Travis.

Clay Travis went on to mention ESPN the magazine and the decision to finally shut it down after 20 years. Clay wondered if the next sports magazine to fold could be Sports Illustrated, who is rumored to have a woman posing in a “burkini,” which is a combination of a burka and a bikini.

Clay Travis also talked about Joe Biden and his campaign with a 20 point lead over all other democratic candidates. Biden, said Travis, is doing everything he should be doing, by focusing on Trump, ignoring the other candidates, and zeroing in on the rust belt states.

Also, Clay Travis discussed Tennessee and their decision to allow online sports gambling, becoming the first state to allow online sports gambling alone. This could change the future of Outkick, as Travis is considering pursuing a gambling license and owning an online sports book of his own.

Clay Travis addressed the latest ‘woke’ controversy surrounding Game of Thrones over the slaughter of the Dothraki army in episode three, as well as Avengers not doing enough to represent the LGBTQ communities. 99.9% of the people watching, said Travis, just want to see an entertaining television show or movie and aren’t worried about who is sleeping who. The woke media is out of control.

Finally, Clay Travis gave a positive review of the new Avengers movie, especially the return of Spiderman.

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  1. John Snow will not end up on the throne….I hope he does because I love watching people lose their shit. And there will be A LOT of lost shit.

  2. Suppose I am a centrist white guy. Why should I vote for Biden? What can he do for me that Trump can’t? I’ve got a decent job, my investments are doing really well, and I’m ok with my health insurance.

  3. I know, I’m a racist. But when you have a sport that doesn’t really include white Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, etc. what do you expect? If the NBA wants to improve ratings, they need to be more diverse. Or they can continue to go with the most athletic black players and good players from Lithuania, Greece, Serbia, etc., and live with the ratings. How many black people watch hockey?

  4. Walking Dead is getting it, too. Two gay characters died last season. Obviously the new Asian female showrunner is homophobic.

  5. SI is only about 30 pages, 20 years ago it was about 70 pages. Politics have consumed almost every article. I stopped reading it 2 years ago.

  6. When I think Creepy Joe I remember NAFTA, Anita Hill, deals with China, corruption and collusion with Ukraine.

  7. You what I find interesting? The fact the burqa, and hijabs are actually tools of Oppression in the Middle East. Is Sharia law which is anti female. If they go out on the beach or even outside and not be completely covered, they’ll be killed. It is a tool of Oppression. It is not liberating. It is regressive.

  8. Biden is Dolt. He’ll not be the nominee. The other Dims are going to savage him and combined with the fact he’s a moron he simply doesn’t have a chance to get the nomination.

  9. Clay’s taking a real nose dive from talking about dirty movies to praising Joe Biden. Sheesh dude. You should have stayed classy and stuck with the porn.

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