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Find out The 5 Best Roulette Methods Here ▶ Roobet Online Casino Scam Exposed Do Not Play At Roobet Casino. Roobet Online Casino Review. Expert Scammers & Dishonest Online Casino Roobet Casino Stay Away From Roobet Casino. I have actually blacklisted them on my websites STAY AWAY FROM ROOBET CASINO.

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  1. How can you possibly complain about gambling being rigged, that is the essence of gambling lmfao

  2. Looking at your transfer history it looks like you’re just mad you’re a gambling addict and on a loss streak.

  3. wanna join my roobet community ill teach you strageties and know how to make money off of it for free brother

  4. I agree about the big bet, it happened to me, bet 350 in one hand plus 25 on bonus hit 10 time 8-0 and they didn’t pay me, rigged for sure, luckily i cashed out 150 down and left

  5. Ive made a ton of money on roobet so idk bro i play the live games and my rackback always works

  6. Bro you sound salty as F*** over basically 4K go to an actual casino if you that pissed and let people play on their own will. Yeah your posting this to bring awareness but at the end of the day everyone has a choice and you decided on betting your money here. WORD of ADVICE set a limit and learn to cut loses. There was probably a time where you were making money but you got too greedy. So of course your gonna lose money.

  7. Listen bro, I get u lost your money but this is not a job. I’ve been working with my mom as my financial advisor and limiting to $5 a day. Some days I loose my 5 but others I’ll turn it into 200, it’s just luck of the click. Plz limit yourself and dont do $300 deposits

  8. Lmao gamblers would accuse their dying mother of rigging a deck before admitting they lost. You gotta be a real loser to gamble with money you can’t afford to lose

  9. yeah you have a gambling problem. I have 2 years playing on Roobet and only made one deposit of $500 the 1st time. Havent made a deposit since 2018. yes all the bs ganes are rigged. Thats why you need to stick to BlackJack and Poker. Ive been cashing out weekly for the last 2 years only playing thos games

  10. Bro you just don’t know how to gamble really, you lost 3k and are mad cause u didnt win?? Really u should of learned after the 1st 1k you lost i have put about $700 into roobet and cashed out 1.5K luck just wasent on ur side learn when to hold em and learn when to fold em

  11. I wish 3700 was chump change to me lol I can’t even keep 100$ in my account. I got bills and a daughter to take care of and I only make 15$ a hour lol

  12. Don’t not play football on roobet they scan the card to show what number and when there losing the flip the home an away with inversions

  13. Also my lvl is 7/8 i gambled only a k maybe 1.5k this month my day rake so far has been 120ish my weekly and monthly tonight im guessing will be about 100ish

  14. Its not 5 % of all of your wagers , its 5% of a tier of lost wagers of their rake or somethimg like that. I have won over 60k and in profit of upwards of 15k . stake ID ok , roobet isnt the best one of the online casinos but its in my top 3.

  15. Yes I love Stevewilldoit and Roobet is more and more feeling like a scam, they literally don’t even let you say scam in the chat I’m kind of thankful for that because I’m pretty sure if I kept writing it in the chat which I do just to fuck them over and get the dealer a little pissed is basically they block out when you type scam in the chat and it’s just it just feels dirty I mean I’m not saying I’m not going to play in the future every now and then but I would not risk a lot of money $25 Max at a time

  16. Pretty sure your just mad cause they sucked your bank acc, doesn’t mean shit if your usually lucky it’s designed to take your money

  17. How? Depends how your playing really… watch Xposed stream …. note the owners give him unlimited balance…aka he sucks the wins and that cash disappears back into the owners pocket….if anything he is using these Xposed guys etc as another layer of scamming people….

  18. It’s not a scam 😂 I’ve wagered 14k and I’ve made at least 40$ in roowards. You have to wager more in order to up your percentage tf 😂 you are a shit gambler and just take the L 💀

  19. Its always strange to me how much they get sponsored to do the video’s. They have lost all concept of money.

  20. Roobet does give streamers free currency so they can make huge wins to get views on youtube wich makes the streamers money and brings in more customers for the company. Its a smart marketing tactic but deceptive as hell

  21. Yeah you’re just sad af 😂 Roobet is not a scam, I deposited $100 literally 2 days ago and won over 2 grand, you just got bad luck bro.

  22. You sound like youre just upset about losing 3k… Nobody has ever doubted that Casino games favor the casino, so why would you be surprised?

  23. Honestly ppl should sue roobet. They literally banned my account because they think I’m in a unavailable region when I was just trying to figure out why one of the games was not working. I’ve already wagered and lost like $400 on roobet so if they wanna claim I can’t use roobet they shouldn’t have let me use any money in the first place

  24. I lost $3k and I don’t have that kind of money to lose, I’m 22 with loads of bills and a kid. That’s on me.

  25. i made a grand off this site in the past month playing with $5 and $10 deposits lol. ur doing something wrong

  26. I just play a full hour casino in PokerStars in 5 different slots and i didnt hit any freespins lol in any game, but Im NOT going around saying it is a scam cuz IT isnt. I’ve alredy WON BIG in stars sometimes its just unlucky sessions.

  27. Buddy, I’m not an gambling addict, I play for fun and accept I’m gonna lose money before gambling it just in case. But I’ve won over $60k off Roobet. Black jack specifically. I started with $10k and never deposited more. They didn’t scam me, I just think you suck or you’re dumb af and don’t understand the definition of gambling and wasted all your money trying to win big on crash. Just go to a real casino then and play poker if you’re so salty. It’s fuckin gambling bud, you’re not supposed to win 100% of the time. I made my $50k profit and cashed out.

  28. You got finessed bro. It’s gambling. There is no such thing as being lucky at gambling. The odds are not in your favour to be profitable overtime. You’re not very intelligent.

  29. You’re just an addict my friend. Casinos aren’t charities you just have to know when to stop

  30. I been wondering when did Roobet officially go online to the public? Would you know the exact date , ES?

  31. I think we know it’s a risk to gamble 🤔if u gonna be salty that u lose sum money

  32. Buddy the live dealer is fine, there are winner and losers every hand! it’s all just on how you play. At the end of the day it’s gambling you have to know when to stop. Blame urself not the casino

  33. LMAOOOO. No shit you arent gonna return if you lose alot if money and no shit you are gonna come back if you win big. Salty salty salty. Maybe u shouldnt throw away your money like that.

  34. yea i hate to say it bud but roobet is one of the fairest online casinos in the world without having a 50k a year membership to gamble i play regularly just for fun and i have paid for many vacations from roobet and overall been playing for a year and have profited well over 10x my entire life wagers i have made 5968 bets you tell me where else you get 1000% gains in a year

  35. Look like it didn’t take long to loose all that by the look of your deposits. Sorry bud but maybe you got a little bit of a gambling problem.

  36. Yea roobet website is a scam. You dont profit. You win once or twice. You get addicted. Lose your money win a lil lose again. The redeposit then lose again. You never really profit. There only like 100 players on crash anyways that says alot only 100 players around the world on crash.

  37. This guys are Big scamers that is true i put in 2k and never get a win over 100 wtf is this scamers site

  38. Hey guys PLEASE read this so you don’t loose your hard earned money like i did!… Because someone might ger heart attakck or something like this.. Ok so Roobet is a scam and today i can say for sure after experimenting and loosing all my money.. Yesterday i lost $20 doing normal betting and trying to predict so yeah i won couple of dollars but in the end i lost all.. So today i went in with $150 and tried martin strategy or something where we double the amount after every loosing bet.. I was doing $0.01 and i would cash out on every so i had around 13 round till i loose it all.. As you can see roobet crash most goes 7 times red (which is lower then 2) and then at least 1 time green (which is more than 2) and i had total 13 rounds so i was playing really safe.. Until Roonbet hit all the 13 in the red…. Yes guys it did.. It was so rare BUT it happened today with me as i was earning from it.. And Roobet noticed it.. So it did that and i lost all my money! Please i request you to not bet your hard earned money like this.. Please i don’t want anyone feeling like how i am feeling today after loosing all my money….. I am gonna post this comment on every roobet video i can find so you don’t loose money.. Have a great day and please don’t bet no matter how tempting it seems cuz they will do that and they WILL take your money.. Enjoy your life and be happy everyone <3

  39. I’ve won on Roobet like a lot and I’ve profited like 25k from 2k totally depo but I guess you suck at gambling “ you know what I’m saying

  40. Yea roobet has to be fake I was betting had $80 every time I bet I no matter small amount or big it would never and I mean not one time did it go over 2x when I would put a bet it would 9 times in a row below 1.5 site is complete bs and when it would go over 2x is when I would bet the smaller amount like a penny

  41. Sounds like you didn’t play enough to even know if it’s a scam. 3k bro? Lmao what did you play for 4 hours?

  42. This has no fact or evidence to why Roobet is a scam… literally it is some guy in his middle age ranting that “I lost money at a casino because it is gambling”…. like no shit sherlock obviously they are going to take your money in the long run… plus, after the 2nd or 3rd deposit, why go up to like $1000? It just seems you are an immature gambler honestly and probably should just get help…

  43. Jesus Christ, $3,000 is a lot to me… I’m betting with like $20-$50 at a time and that’s like a few times a week. I’ll gladly hold onto any extra you’d like to throw my way lol

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