An “common” roulette betting system, the place the participant can final lengthy on the roulette recreation…

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  1. I like the layout of the strategy, I’ll have to try it on my channel. Thanks for the video

  2. I have watched several of your videos and you seem to apologize for your English, which i think it’s very good. You just have a French accent is all, but your English is fine.

    I might tweak your system a little. I would cover the 1st and 3rd column and not the 2nd column. I know you are covering the second column because it has 8 blacks. Those seem to already be covered by your street or line bets. I would cover those 8 nasty reds in the 3rd column maybe…?
    Keep up the good videos.

  3. You are playing on a software based roulette with built in artificial intelligence – it will let you win a few times to make it seem like its being ‘fair ‘ but then it will take it away from you. Did you not think it was a bit suspicious’ that you would hit 4 third column numbers in a row? If you had carried on playing like you did it ,will slowly but surely erode your bank roll.

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