Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino Guide book, explains how to play and how to win at roulette. Topics covered include: the various bets that can be made; the casino’s advantage on those bets; the worst bet you can make; the difference between double-zero and single-zero roulette tables; finding the best roulette games to play; and much more.

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  1. The only good thing, imo, about roulette is you have a rather "good" odds of winning big if you are willing to take the 1 in 38 risk. For example, take buying a $10 scratch off ticket. Your odds of really winning anything worth smiling about is probably, at best, about 1 in 500. Take that same $10 and throw it down on a number in roulette and you'll still lose it… but you do have a much better 1 in 38 chance of winning $350 which is not too shabby.

  2. The advice to win and walk is a good one, the longer you stay, the more likely you will give back your winnings if you're lucky enough to have some. I personally bet sections of the wheel, not sections of the layout. That way I'm not frustrated when the ball lands right next to my favorite numbers, because i have money on those as well. I walked with about 650 starting out with 120 on my last outing. The last good hit being $5 on 27 (wedding anniversary) and I was pretty much ready to leave so that was my last spin before cashing in – needless to say that was a damn good day! (And if you win, tip your dealers.)

  3. I play a low risk strategy which I call 24/14. I place six four-spots and cover 24 numbers. The house gets the 12 remaining numbers and 0/00. This guarantees 5 losing bets, however if I win any of the 6 four-spot bets I win overall. I figure this gives me the best odds possible at the roulette table. It seems to stretch my payroll and allow me to play for a while, and also offers me the opportunity to get lucky and go on a winning streak and do rather well. I picked this strategy up from Asians I saw playing it at the local Indian casino. One night I was on a particular roll. People only see you winning and they don't really know that you're absorbing five losses. But I caused quite the stir among the surrounding tables, and my girlfriend told me that the Asians were particularly impressed…

  4. There is no guaranteed way to win. No matter how you play, there is a possibility that you will lose. But there are strategies you can do to minimize your chances of losing in exchange for either a push, or a small win. The 24 + 8 strategies for example are good if you feel like spending a long time at the table. If you win, you would only make about a $40 or $60 profit each hit, but you could make it so you have only 4 losing numbers. Also, don't play at the electronic roulette tables. They rely on a random number system and its more likely you will lose. Similar to slot machines.

  5. This is the only game I play when we go to Vegas. Why? Because my system works every time!!! (kidding) I play roulette because you don't have to think, it tends to be very social, and more often than not, my chips (usually $100 per night) last longer than my ability to stay awake. Mr. Bourie might think I'm nuts, but my mindset when I go to Vegas is to have as much fun as possible as I slowly hand over my bank roll to the casino. I never go expecting to bring back more money than I brought.

  6. It's ways and strategies to help out.. The 24 12 system works great to stay at the table. Hedge systems work great as well.

  7. Bullshit is there a magnet hidden to the roulette and the under the circle like I've seen a movie ocean 11

  8. it’s no guarantee, but i like to watch and wait a few rounds before jumping in,
    i’d recommend paying close attention to a few rolls and take note of what’s being hit.. if it was black or odd numbers or high numbers or whatever.
    if let’s say you just watched the table land on even numbers or red spaces 4 times in a row, then it’s not a bad idea to play odd or black next turn.
    it’s no sure fire win strategy, but you’ll have the law of averages on your side.

  9. …i … thought… roulette table… is meant to look pretty… americans do not know how to play russian roulette, where you… play with… bullets gun…

  10. I started with 350 dollars, I was down to 120, then I won, left with 540 dollars, almost won 200

  11. Fluff…Fluff…Fluff… Blah….blah…blah…and to conclude this informative video, Fluff….Fluff…and more Fluff. Don't forget if you want to see more of these informative videos on our you tube channel…. lol

  12. Don’t title your video “how to win” if you aren’t going to show us how to win. Fucking useless.

  13. This rulet i was on was online ain't nobody spinnin it and you have to trust them even tho they cheat yo coz it is imposible that red comes up 10 times in a row

  14. Casinos are a scam. Read the last chapter of "The Secrets of an Intelligent consumer" Very eye-opening and not only concerning casinos

  15. So basically, red or black is your best bet. It's a 50/50 shot and you get a dollar back for every dollar spent. Doubling your money cautiously won't make you rich, but it might give you some extra pocket change.

  16. @1:33 the sign .. I understand the outside inside chip rules but what about the $25 anyway or the $1,000-even I don’t understand that

  17. That's weird I could have sworn that even time this guys shows up in a video the comments are disabled because of how obvious the scam is. You charge for free information you can find online just by searching roulette systems.

  18. I will agree with you about there really is no strategy however on the dozens bets you can bet on 2 and yes you are going to lose 1 but the pay out is 3 to 1. Lose 1 stack gain 2. I have done pretty good with it.

  19. There are only 2 ways to win (1) you win by not to play this game at all in your whole life (2) play only 0 without 00 in Europe and record tens of thousands of outcomes for a particular relative older Roulette with uneven wear and tears that tip some number over so that you can get a winning odds to beat 2.7% house advantage. Roulette with 0 and 00 house advantage is 5.3% too big to beat by uneven numbers. Easy to be said than to be done! you need a big team to figure out which Roulette being uneven. For example if you find a roulette with several numbers averaging 3.0% more odd for the ball to fall in, you only have about 0.3% advantage against the house. Statistically it will take several thousands bets to see this difference. assume you bet $10 each time, you need approximately $10,000 bank roll and 5 thousands bets to barely make $150.

  20. "How to win".. there's no such thing as that in roulette. It's either gonna go one way or another.

  21. I liked this video!! But no skill at Roolette?? You are nuts

    My comment on winning at my fav' game of RUELETTE,…. is below

    Some Guaranteed ways to lose and have a frown as you lose and leave !

    1. stay too long – bet every roll, every spin, every hand ..ugh!

    2. get addicted to slots. Casino edge 10 to 20% sooooo, just say NO!

    3. Stressful Table Games and playing BJ at tables with AUTOMATIC CONSTANT SHUFFLING MACHINES and / or

    BJ TABLES THAT ONLY PAY OUT 2:1 for a BlackJack ( This is legal thievery…ugh!!)

    Gamble if you must but If you're up any amount that rings your bell, LEAVE with your winnings and a BIG SMILE and leave gambling for the whole day., or week.

    (Read all to the bottom to see my BIG tip! 😍🙄😘😍😉👍🏽‼️👍🏽👍🏽

    But don't play slots: AmericanCasino Guide has videos 'TOP 20 Slot Machine Mistakes!! '. They are too fastpaced and sneaky …Not fun and they're guaranteed to take all your $$💰💰💰…..

    So; leave if you're ahead–😉💋 👔💍👛🍛🍻🍟🍔 You've had your fun, why spoil it!!

    Enjoy your life, leave and do tourist stuff, sexxxy stuff or if you're not on vaca' just get the wash done, the car detailed, or take the kids to a movie,

    ballgame or swimming.

    Budget! Plan ahead ( put pen to paper)and only take and spend your


    Forget borrowing from a friend or spouse or ATM.

    EXPERTISE at your game counts,, use a bit of brains and don't play stupidly making childish moves, in craps, or card games.

    But I know it's hard to remember the correct rules, strategies and even ( in poker ) different player types and body language stories. Why not try this stress free, non competitive fun game that requires only a little bit of patience??

    Roulette, commonly thought to be a dumb game to play ( plunking 💰💰💰 on entirely random numbers)—–
    is one of the best and SMARTEST games to play if you are PATIENT!!

    Their edge is small compared to card games or slots!!!

    Here's the secret the casinos don't want you to know !!

    –Formerly hot numbers, ALWAYS stop hitting and cold numbers ALWAYS heat up, because over a day or two all numbers will hit evenly all around the wheel!!
    Practice this with a 'fun site' soon.

    So watch carefully and note the 'hits ' for 2 hours before supper, then go eat , and note them again and get a read on which formerly cold numbers are now heating up a little………and then strike !!

    Perhaps the numbers 4-6 and 9 have been cold and are starting to hit a few times.

    With a small wager you cover 6 numbers, six SOON TO BE HOT numbers, we hope.


    This is a month later and here's an important addition!!
    Once you have chosen the warming numbers , those 6, in a bunch , it's vitally important to bet small SMALL and be very patient with them . You can't expect them to win immediately!!
    Keep betting them for a minimum of 12 spins and see if the ball hits or comes next to your numbers. Close is good!!
    It shows you your numbers will be hitting soon……

    Best tip of all…Write this down….

    DOUBLE YOUR BET and just stay at that level till they become HOT numbers ..this usually takes about 4 hours on average
    Do not waver even if you lose 10 in a row . If you' ve spotted real good numbers , that were cold and now are warming , don't leave them.

    End of edit..

    ANOTHER THING TO WATCH IS JUST the % of BLACK or RED, hitting .

    — If black has hit and hit & hit 20/25 spins you don't have to be a genius to know to put bets ON RED. ( tho the bet is bigger than on inside numbers ☔️👎🏽)

    Use this slow patient ROULETTE strategy to have fun and maybe win a few bucks IN THE LONG RUN!!

    Why not start practicing with a fun site soon??

    The first step is up to you. Go get a pen & paper and keep track of the 'Old Hot #'. And the 'Cold #' . Put them on a circle on your page and then simply watch and keep track for the next couple of hours ( while you have lunch )
    Which 'old Hots ' are still hitting ? Keep track of every 'Hot' to see what's happening with it. Watch for new Hots and see how hot they are . Don't chase !! Don't bet a penny until you have done your research!! You will be chasing some dream of a quick win.

    The chances of you hitting a 'hot ' or two are not really bad but where they get you is their edge on every spin .
    There's 38 spots , but do you think they pay you 38 to one ??
    Nope! So play with a focus …you can win big with this path. The patient path.

    Make it your new hobby! Don't play slots or B.J. They are sooooo rigged!!

  22. @americancasinoguide I have read about bankroll calculators on your website in regard to video poker. Is there something similar to roulette? In my trips to casinos I have never stood around and watched roulette. How many spins an hour on average? To play an hour how much would a person need to bring to the table?

  23. The video is well-done, fair and accurate, but its title is so deceptive that it deserves condemnation rather than approbation.

    The title of the video is misleading, because it strongly suggests that there is a way to win at roulette by using a technique that will be taught in the video if one watches it, however no technique is ever taught. This is clickbait, and if the content creator had charged money to view this video, there would have been a valid claim of fraud.

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