That is Half 2 of Awall’s Simcity 5 sequence the place we change into higher mayors!

Have a suggestion for this sequence? Go away me some suggestions within the feedback beneath.

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  1. For the curve rods you were trying to do and goes away just go back to the excising road and it reappears

  2. The traffic at your city’s entrance is a result of the very early intersection. Moving it further down the main avenue or getting rid of it altogether will significantly improve your traffic situation.

  3. Hey FTWBroadcasting , Awesome video’s but I got 2 questions ,
    1. Do you have industrial zones in the pinnacle?
    2. Do you have commercial zones in the pinnacle? ( if yes please say where the best spot is )
    Keep the videos up I love them >:D

  4. about the road tool, the grid shows you the streets you are hovering over at that moment. Hover over the curved roads for a second and you will see the curved grid again. Very simple actually.

  5. I am setting that city up right now. I will let you know soon. Ultimately I would like it to be mega commercial for the region.

  6. a tip
    open the specialisation tab
    click the specialisation you want to focus on
    click the guide me button.

    Then look around for extra quests, the first one will be on an RCI building if you’ve not built anything yet, then will appear on your specialisation buildings.
    It not only guides you with what to do next, but rewards you decent cash

  7. Thanks for the tips… scumbagsville will be a gambling town!

    ps: grids show for the last 2-3 roads you hovered over 🙂

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