A reporter tries and fails on his maiden voyage with “game of skill” in Pa. These mostly unregulated machines are popping up at convenience stores, bars and other non-casino sites under the guise that they aren’t gambling. The object is to win $$$, however. These games, which aren’t subject to state gaming taxes, kind of snuck in while lawmakers were battling over VGTs, mini-casinos and the like. (Video by Charles Thompson/PennLive)

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  1. What are the colored dots used for? What do they do if you complete it? Because I completed it and nothing happened

  2. ok i have them all over the place here in philly found 5 macines in lil tiny mexicn store but they were off . JUST found out any huge wins like $34,000 are tax free OMG ……………. have won hundreds a few times $300 was last big win before shut down

    Went late night MON after wife went to sleep wqas losing large $60 bam hit a bonus and retrigger on the 50's drive through

    won back $75 ……..lucky me was able to cash out becuse crew of mexaicans won $1000's and guy had to shut down machines.

    SO thats your risk you win huge you will have to back next day to collect. the skill invovled is making sure you choose the right block also unlike reg casino slots you can advanatge play each bet level to see if next spin produces a win BIG down side aint no free play or comps

    and you best wear mask gloves and hand sanitizers and wipe down that machine and the touch screen. any way soon local casinos are opening with restricted allowed people to 50% in all areas they are providing hand saniterz plus a cleaning force wiping down all counters and other touchable surfaces and signs to tell you to wash your hands after going to bath room i can imagine dice tables with only 6 players and the delays of wipng dice clean per player lol . STILL waiting on $1200 stimulus was supposed to be today the 20th now they are pushing it back to the 27th modrrrrrr fuggers

    I be back to work june 1st any way but if irs sends me it in june im keeping it casino bonus cash lol

  3. Wat is the location like address where u playin is it in Philadelphia if yes plz send adress thak

  4. Think of it as a phone , numbers 1 -9 and bring paper and pencil and write down corresponding number 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. i was hoping there would have been a discussion about the current laws. the games were interesting though.

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