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Slot hack at gas station slot machine

I found this helpful trick to make money..


  1. this works..I used it all the time after alot of people play..go in at the end of the day and put in 5 bucks if it is 5 denom max.
    check all the games on every machine.
    in the preview ones without a button you can exit select denom and it will show a preview screen of the next spin..exit again and go from .25 to $5 it takes time but you can check before you even spend a quarter.

    we have bathtime bucks lucky striker, lucky lollipops, searing 7s, kitty cash and spooky loot

  2. It seems to me like the "Prize Viewer" function was left on by mistake, because it's in some sort of debugging mode.This feature seems built into the slot machine system, it wasn't hacked. Whoever installed this never turned this mode off and you're essentially allowed to see the result of the spin even before you actually spin for testing purposes.

  3. Saw this video a few days ago. We have this game at one of the gas stations here in NC. That "prize viewer" button just says (settings) on our machines.

  4. Check out part 2 of my slot hack video on my main channel as I lost my login info for this video. Just look up slot hack part 2..

  5. Seems to me that when im playing a machine all the sudden the touch screen is not noticing your touch and then it quits letting me play for a minute or two and sucks my money right down everytime im there and shift change same persons (2). Think the new interface thats at front desk is able to turn odds up amd down. You can hear the blips from the computer being used being used. Then i left and came back in 5 minutes later to stand at buzzer them saying they didnt hear the atrocious buzzer. Im saying person plays after they leave its cashed out

  6. Remembered when I was a kid knew how to trick a fruit machine. Then by the time you have told everyone they take the machine away lol

  7. Umm so where is this feature located on the machine? The most Ive seen is the button on the back that u can press to check the amounts that have been recently cashed out

  8. I do this too, we are supposed to keep this to ourselves, or there wont be any previews at some point trust me

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