This is our strategy for playing slot machines in Las Vegas. It helps our budget go further and survive longer when the slot machines go cold and win bigger when the slot machines turn hot!

Can you win on slot machines? Is there a way to win each time? When to bet big and when to bet small? We over these questions about slot machine betting and a whole lot more. Best way to stretch your budget in Las Vegas!

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How can you win at slot machines? Luck and timing have a lot to do with it, however, a betting strategy is important to so you have more pulls on the machine.

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  1. I just did this on a $2 max machine i went from 1 n 2 dollars and hit for $ 3700 took 100 dollars of that 3700 and won $ 625 and left ! Great strategy

  2. Unless the machine has progressives that have to pay before they hit certain dollar amounts, there are no "hot machines", and no way to know what machines are going to pay when. Random number generator..that's all you need to remember. Right machine, right time, right denom, right bet amount.

  3. How to win at slot machines . Go to the casino and get the biggest paper cup for quarters they have and walk out the door with it . Go home and fill it full of your own quarters . Take it to your stock broker and tell them to invest it in Striker Health stock . As you drive home ask yourself , Who pays the electric bill for the casino ? In no time at all you'll have more than you'd ever make off any slot machine .

  4. I figured this out 35 years ago after playing just a little bit. Most of your spins are going to be losers so why waste max bets on that. I just randomly stagger my bets with 60 -70% bets at minimum. Sometimes you'll get a win on a minimum bet, but its still a win and keeps you playing longer. Sometimes you will get a win on a max bet – if you're lucky – because it is all luck.

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  6. I use a variation of this on the one line reel slots. I will bet 1 dollar a spin for 8 spins, then after I will bet 6 dollars for the next 8. In this case, these slots usually give you 1 win every 15 spins so that's why I do that. This works best on double triple star and 3x4x5x, because they have plenty of any7 and anybar 5 times bet wins and that's perfect for when you increase betting.

    Or if you want to be more aggressive, you gradually move up your bets every few spins and eventually you will hit a win that cost you less to get. However, it can work against you by coming up first or by not coming up in it's expected range. You do see how slots are indeed random when you do strategical betting on them, they're as bad as the tables with the sh*t streaks lol.

  7. I used to do this but then I took it to another level. I'll sit there and bet 25 cents on the triple fortune dragon until I get a bonus, then take the winnings from that bonus which is usually 20-30 bucks (I've gotten as high as 116) and bet higher somewhere else. Time and time again it's worked for me where I put in just 5 dollars and work my way up to a few hundred. I guess for me, the challenge of gaining a lot from a little is more exciting than straight gambling.

  8. If everything is random why do machines go hot and cold. Seems like if random they should be stable.

  9. Damn man thats crazy i always do this startegy and always leave the casino either with the money i came with or more money. I also save my tickets if I win and put another 20. Good luck!!

  10. Never heard of anyone else using this but I have been betting this way on them since I was a late teen. Great to hear someone else thinks this is logical 🙂

  11. I have used this strategy, when you bet the minimum and get a hit, and go to next level there is no guarantee that it will hit again right away. I do however when I go to a machine, my first spin is always a Max bet. Some times you get Lucky and win big. All the New machines are set up for you to lose. On a penny machine, can you actually bet a penny? No! Most of the penny machines have a minimum bet of .40-.50 cent's and some have a Max bet of$5.00. why bet$5 on a penny machine, psychology people will think they have better odds. No! It's to get you to pay more and think you have a better shot at it. Also, many machines now have the scam of, have to play Max bet to get bonuses! Again, they are playing on you, hopefully you fall for it. Alot of casino's are remodeling their facilities. Its not to make them better. It's all done to run new infrastructure of wires and cables so they can control every machine with out having to physically open up a machine and recalibrate it when it pays out. Now casino's can do it, hid away in a room, and you will never see it. They can tighten up a machine or loosen it up, and you will never see them doing it any longer. And now they can get over on the gaming board as well.

  12. Many thanks, I've been looking for "slots tips and tricks" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Ziyillian Vocation Vanquisher – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin got great results with it.

  13. i hit a bonus early, won a spin on 60, went to 120, won 100, actually won $3 the spin b4, should have bet 180, then played around for like 5 hours, walked out a winner. thx

  14. amazing logic, goin to rio right now with a small amount, ill let u know if i do well with your strategy. iwas wondering how to win more starting on 50 cent bets and this was 1st video i picked 🙂

  15. Thanks for the advice. It makes sense. Going to give a try to day at the casino. 😊👍🏻

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