This is my 3rd episode of my cashout strategy! I take five $20 bills and play different slot machines. My aim is to cash out anytime I’m over $25. Watch and find out how much will I make this week?
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  1. I watch BC everyday, you are right there for me on favorite slot channels. Love your info!!!

  2. I know I'm late to the party but that was a great episode! When a machine is ready it's ready!

  3. I tried your strategy with 10x – 20€ bills. I got out with only 114 € but its a nice strategy. I usually lose everything or dubble it. This time losing just half of it. I will try it agein next time. Hope for better luck. Thnx for this vid man.

  4. Good strategy on those slots playing ….at the end of your video did you go home with any winning?

  5. Awesome! I watched your strategy video earlier today and decided to give it a try tonight with $60 at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino. First machine, I hit the bonus on first spin and won $40. Cashed that out at $59. Then I played another machine and hit bonus for $20. Cashed out at $35. And played one more where I came out ahead at $35. Essentially doubled up. I’ll take these small wins and let them add up. Great video!

  6. hey neily have you thought about going up in the amount you put in?like maybe 60$ cash out stradegy and then cash out if you get to 100$ i know its more but you would be able to bet more so the odds are better since 20$ is not love the stradegy but im doing your version just at 60$

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