Betting parlays is one of the most popular ways to bet on sports, an approach used by recreational and professional bettors alike. Professional sports betting analysts Mike Brenner and Peter Loshak give a brief introduction to parlay betting on sports for beginners.

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  1. Have had great luck with parlys. I placed a 12 game parlay two weeks ago and won. I have several up coming week, college football.

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  5. im a master on parlays i hit two 14 and one 13 just my first year doing it. biggest payout $1 bet paid 3800

  6. one more point i would like to make is that you can hit less than 50% and still make a killing.

  7. Nice series guys! Keep up the good work! The more information novice betters have out there, the better! #beatthatbookie

  8. I wish you guys would have had these last year but I think it’s brilliant with more and more bettors coming to the alter of sports betting to make it more accessible. Excellent series and excellent mustache.

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