Sports Betting 101 and Betting Tips: Direct from the WagerTalk TV Studios in Las Vegas,’s Marco D’Angelo talks with sports betting expert Bryan Leonard to look at understanding what “Sharp Money” means in sports betting terminology.

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  1. “Sharp money” in the true sense of the word is rarely used correctly. Personally, I like to get on games that I like early; for a number of reasons. Now for me, I’d consider that the sharpest money there is because I have a number of reasons why I’m betting that team, at that number at that time. For example, The Angels are on the road in St. Louis tomorrow. At +120, I would roll the dice with the Angles; simply because the value is there for a few reasons. While a number of people may consider that silly, I would personally consider that a sharp move. It’s very subjective.

  2. Sophisticated syndicates dont do that :p all people like Steve has to do is get his people to 4-1 or 5-1 and if he wants a game mabye on a small school or or something is get ALL of subs/people to take one side *and use their money to move the line* then USE your podcast to talk about the line move because the idiot “steam chasers” and “coat tail riders” will easily follow that lol…. and you leverage ALL of them to move a line in a favorable direction while you and the “inner circle” take the opposite 👌

    The people who are 4-1 aren’t gonna complain being 4-2 & the people that are 5-1 aren’t gonna complain being 5-2 ect so that’s a better way to do it but it takes collusion to a different level 😁 but hey if your gonna do something do it right the first time.

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