Celebrity handicapper Steve Stevens from CNBC’s original series “Money Talks” provides simple explanations of sports betting terminology. Today’s topic: money management

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Fans of the hit TV show “Money Talks” can now get the inside track on Steve Stevens’ sports picks and sports betting news by tuning into his podcast. The VIP Sports Las Vegas podcast features Steve Stevens in a raw and unfiltered conversation. Steve Stevens’ fans know him as the “Bookie Killer” born and raised in Las Vegas, he’s the #1 sports handicapper in the world. Steve Stevens’ big clients wager amounts larger than most people dream about, and they win more than they lose, that’s the name of the game. Get into the winner’s circle with VIP Sports!

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  1. If you are betting the same amount on every game and that amount is alot like 2,000 or 5,000 then you are a fool. Because there is no way you have the same amount of confidence in the Vikings as you do the Packers to win. Same with the Chiefs compared to the Steelers. You have to lower your bet when you bet those average teams, because they are inconsistent.

  2. Hes exactly like the brokers in Bolier Room or Wolf of Wall Street. His skill is hustling and sports just happens to be his method.

  3. Don’t bet all your money on one bet
    Bet the same amount on every bet
    Don’t bet more than once a day
    Don’t bet every day

  4. #1 rule of everything.
    Don’t be greedy…The dude who didn’t listen lost $4400 deserved it…no disrespect but that’s the truth.

  5. Always do what is best for you. His style of betting may not fit your way of betting. There’ is always more than one way.

  6. I follow some of this guy’s logic. However all I bet is NFL because I follow it closely and there are not games everyday. This guy is talking betting NBA and MLB the true degenerate territory. Theres just not enough value there. I bet the same unit amounts but parlays have so much more value and since its only on Sunday you cannot bet everyday. I dunno i’m not on youtube but i have documented success. Whatever works it us against the house like he said.

  7. Great vid and content brotha! Quick question if you can. If you lose a game do you make the next bet the same or do you double it for the next day? Thanks in advance!

  8. Watching this after you lose! Will press the restart button in your heart💯 dime dropping knowledge

  9. 1 game a day but not everyday. That will be the hardest thing to do. I find myself liking multiple games. If there’s a good value why are we ignoring it? Why only 1 bet a day?

  10. This guy is the real deal. Best advice ever , thanks for sharing your knowledge and power to make us stronger

  11. The frequency has got nothing to do with money management. If you happen to have a system with just a 0.1% edge (or expectancy), you should obviously try to apply it to as many games as possible as quickly as possible without overextending your betting bank.

  12. Never bet with your heart……,…………………..unless you live in New England ha haaaaaa

  13. Jesus Steve, i clicked the video looked down for a second and the begining of the vid made m jump lmao

  14. There’s a well researched banker in soccer Scottish division Ross County & 1.5 goals. For Saturday Check it out. I’m not a tipster of any sort I’m just good at what I do.

  15. I always get back to this timeless message when I lose and get desperate. Unfortunately, I never follow this advice when I am winning

  16. fuk me wish i saw this video before i started with 200 bucks, went up to 9k, lost it all. then back up to 5,000, lose it all. 3rd time will be a charm, im one of the best, but money management will make this a career for me. please learn from my mistake guys.

  17. You should be making 1000+ plays in an MLB season in order for your value to catch up. Not every +160 undervalued dog is going to win but you must exploit the errors by the bookies.

  18. 🇺🇸 great stuff guys! I’m really finding myself enjoying your work more and more each day! 🇺🇸

  19. He is exactly right. Quality over quantity and discipline. It is the only way to be successful along with a lot of hard work and research.

  20. Thankyou bro for keeping it real.. when I get my money up ill be calling you from down under new Zealand

  21. Steve Stevens is 100 percent right on not betting with your heart. Good example the College Playoff Football Championship game. I knew Georgia was going to cover the +5 spread. But I went with UGA on the Money Line @ +165. I wanted my team to win the bet outright not caring about the point spread. I was only betting $6 USD so no big loss 🙂

  22. I have a great strategy for starting with $1,000, running up to $6,000, & ending with $350. It’s sounds a lot like what Steve just said what NOT to do…lol

  23. Good stuff. Wish more people would follow advice like this. See way to many squares go broke because of shitty money management.

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