Celebrity handicapper Steve Stevens from CNBC’s original series “Money Talks” provides simple explanations of sports betting terminology and gives out his formulas for success. Today’s topic: Why to invest in Sports Betting rather than the Stock Market

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Fans of the hit TV show “Money Talks” can now get the inside track on Steve Stevens’ sports picks and sports betting news by tuning into his podcast. The VIP Sports Las Vegas podcast features Steve Stevens in a raw and unfiltered conversation. Steve Stevens’ fans know him as the “Bookie Killer” born and raised in Las Vegas, he’s the #1 sports handicapper in the world. Steve Stevens’ big clients wager amounts larger than most people dream about, and they win more than they lose, that’s the name of the game. Get into the winner’s circle with VIP Sports!

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  1. Your investments will rarely go to zero in stocks but can go to zero in a hurry bettin sports. You can’t control injuries during the game which would jeopardize your wager

  2. I buy Investment graded Vintage HOF’ers …..been doing so for over 12 years….I’m not a gambler i.e. sports betting. I’ve made over $1 mil this year watching my collection go up in value. I like your attitude towards honesty, and your way of thinking.

  3. I’m so confused. On his podcast steve said the nfl is scripted, but on this video he is saying that no one can manipulate the outcomes. Is he changing his mind and saying the nfl isn’t “pre-determined”?

  4. I followed a tip they had and I won heaps his tips work because they study the games and don’t follow teams and bet with brains not heart

  5. the stock market analogy may not work anymore as FED is pumping the market and any given day a whole sector of stocks can go up 100%. just my imho

  6. Let’s all win and crash the market.
    In sport’s, it’s scripted and already schedule, who will win

  7. Time vs Money. When you die one day, money stays here…not you.
    Steve is 100% correct! Can make thousands much quicker betting then the rigged stock market.

  8. Not if you buy DraftKings stock, look up the gains since it went public. Plus, your stock holdings rarely go to zero- unlike when you lose a game wagering. I bet sports and invest in stocks, crypto. Diversify.

  9. I invested into sports betting company’s because like Steve said once all 50 states legalize sports betting, sports betting company stocks going to MF moon 🚀🚀🚀

  10. Steve is on the money, literally. You have to do your homework, have discipline to not chase losses and know when to throw it down. If you don’t do the legwork then you are in jeopardy. It’s easy to wake up on a Saturday and bet your favorite team without studying the contest….and lose your ass.

  11. invest 10k in the stock market & let your broker pick a few stocks vs invest 10k betting sports with VIP picks, you will find out who is the absolute blowout winner 🤑

  12. Ok, and what happened when an offshore sportsbook and/or casino shut you down for winning too much? Then what? I’d rather invest in stocks and watch it grow for the next 15-20 years…Im good with stocks

  13. FACTS!! on his vip sports podcast he mentioned the utah jazz earlier this season and utah has been on fire covering games so I just kept it simple and stayed with them it’s so tempting to jump around but utah and also brooklyn to the over has been a rare consistent nba gold mine all thanks to his podcast and free info

  14. If I would’ve just left just 20 percent of my winnings in my bitcoin account over the past 9 years…….I would’ve been rich as Steve Stevens!

  15. you have to learn how to trade crypto cause the books pay you in crypto. can make money in all three because of fractional shares

  16. With the stock you can accumulate wealth I’ve been in it 30 years you cant go wrong if you do your homework I made 243 k on GME

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