“It’s longer than The Irishman, it’s longer than the Godfather, but it’s just as good of a watch!” – Dave Sharapan.

Come join a revolving array of guests and luminaries from the world of Sports Wagering on this one-of-a-kind live stream.

Thanks to Jeff Ma, Drew Dinsick, Andy Molitor, David Purdum, Dave Sharapan, Rufus Peabody, Roxy Roxborough, Spanky, Alan “Dink” Denkenson, Gill Alexander for being guests on this epic livestream.

Show notes and timestamps to follow!
00:00 – Captain Jack kicks it off!
5:17 – How to make $100k/yr betting on sports

8:00 – Jeff Ma joins the show!
12:14 – Jeff Ma’s sports betting
15:47 – How much can you realistically make from sports betting?

19:27 – Drew Dinsick (Whale Capper) joins the show!
23:57 – Models perform better earlier in the season rather than later, why is that?

30:52 – Andy Molitor (AndyMSFW) joins the show!
31:32 – Talking about bankroll sizes for pro bettors
33:37 – Talking about the Deep Dive Podcast
36:52 – Does talking about sports betting make you a better bettor?
38:29 – Bankroll Building Advice from Drew, Jack, and Andy

44:42 – Dave Sharapan (SportsbkConsig) joins the show!
46:37 – Sharapan’s background working offshore
50:55 – Did Dave Sharapan book Spanky back in the day?
54:01 – Sharapan’s days at Cantor Gaming at the M Casino in Las Vegas

59:57 – David Purdum joins the show!”
1:03:22 – Did David Purdum see sports betting evolving into what it is today?
1:05:42 – The coverage of the big bet in sport betting journalism
1:08:47 – What is the largest bet you ever saw placed in person? (GREAT STORY)
1:11:57 – What’s more interesting to Purdum – the bets or the people behind them?
1:14:46 – The Tiger Woods to win the Masters MILLION dollar bet win
1:15:47 – One of David Purdum’s favorite stories to write

1:18:37 – Spanky joins the show!
1:21:47 – Everyone is has nickname in Spanky’s book.
1:24:35 – Will sports betting begin to resemble the stock market in media coverage and efficiency?
1:27:47 – Betting limits in today’s sports betting market (GREAT OPINIONS)

1:38:20 – Roxy Roxborough joins the show!
1:40:17 – Roxy’s advice for bettors on dealing with sportsbook limits
1:42:27 – Roxy shows why he’s a legend!
1:43:36 – Roxy talking about nicknames (HILARIOUS STORY)
1:45:30 – Getting bets down in Las Vegas back in the day

1:47:11 – Rufus Peabody joins the show!
1:49:15 – Thoughts on Lem Banker’s passing
1:53:14 – Where does Roxy think sports betting is going from here?
1:56:04 – Election betting with Rufus & Roxy
2:00:34 – Dr. Mike Orkin’s Pointspread Analyzer
2:02:53 – Roxy’s past booking sports at Vancouver mining companies
2:05:26 – Why does it have to be adversarial between the book and the bettor?

2:16:42 – Dink joins the show!
2:17:14 – Roxy on betting on which airline will be next to land at McCarran Airport
2:20:35 – Discussion of College Basketball middling
2:24:00 – Talking about Billy Walters – Interactions with Billy Walters
2:31:39 – Talking NFL teasers

2:33:02 – Gill Alexander joins the show!
2:42:37 – Talking about Behind the Numbers on VSIN
2:51:12 – Using a web scraper to beat sports – or find a Playstation5
2:56:27 – Discussion of in-game betting
3:08:25 – Discussion of betting props
3:10:37 – Sports Betting Tournaments & the future of sports betting
3:18:35 – Wrapping up!

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  1. Thanks Captain Jack you are truly amazing to give your time to help guys like me trying to make sports betting a 2nd income until maybe building a bankroll over a few years to get to point it becomes my main job. I do have a question what is your opinion on purchasing picks from cappers? Thanks again for all you do!!

  2. Captain Jack, incredible show. I was wondering if you have any recommendations for what type of account to keep my seldom-used bankroll in? Thanks!

  3. Hey Cap Jack, one of the guys mentioned betting second half college basketball totals. Would you be willing to share some thoughts or strategies on this? Like what to look for in the first half to then help define a second half play? For example is a fast pace good for a second half over? Or does lots of fouls in first half translate to lots of fouls and points on second half? Etc…

  4. Followed Jack from the start. My boy is blowing up. This guy is a freaking saint. Learning a ton from him. The legends were out today. What a show!

  5. Great stuff! I’m really looking forward to your next betting app review: hopefully you’ll consider doing one on BetMGM!

  6. You are lucky in the USA. If you’re in the UK they’re doing new rules where you will only be able bet 100 a month due to affordability checks. A real nanny state

  7. This had some great content, but it seems a lot of information you give out is for the advanced bettor. Computer code, models, bots placing bets although interesting I have no idea how to accomplish this. It seems you hold back on the information that counts the most, like the question was ask how much of a bank roll do you need to start making a living at this. No amounts were given, and most of the information you give out is very vague. I have watch around 12 videos and still have no idea how to make good picks, or the process of making them.

  8. captain jack that was so good max bet that the next time you do something like this it will be a paid gig damn who gets the best of the best in their business willing to come teach the world for free if i was spike eskin you would have a show thanks keep them coming

  9. These videos have changed the game for me… From a guy who’s mindset was “how can I find peoples picks” to now, a guy who’s looking at it like “how can I find a way to beat the closing number as well as the vig”… thank you for providing us a way to peek through the curtain a bit and actually hear this stuff from the Bigs… Has been a complete game changer for me. Thanks!

  10. Fabulous show Captain Jack! Really appreciate the time given by Spanky, Dave Sharapan and the rest of your guests. I hope this is something you’ll consider doing again.

  11. guys are not fucking up, I need to get connected, I knew the order of 6 games who win in NBA finals. and been told to bet 3-4000 each. I didn’t know it was 3millions or 4.per game. Reply here if you know what am talking. That’s for the consiglieri. Am not f kidding.

  12. Hi, Am in Canada, I want to know if there is any1 who needs an additional head. I am psychic and sometimes have it, somethimes am besides it because sports was not my field of interest. I was more of an artist. I speak French English and Romanian. I am willing to travel with my laptop for overtime fulltime work. If I get explained by some1 everything he knows, I could do the job he needs. Like focusing on 1 particular sport.

  13. if any1 needs to place a bet reply. You can win 1000000 and I won’t take 5$ more of what you agree. BUT DONT STEAL THAT MONEY. lol I don’t want no-one coming thgouht my door and punching me on my nose. Where the money!

  14. the Steelers +7.5 flash was at what bookmaker you shopping? Did it did to a lot them? What’s the best bookies you figured to balance and choices when it comes to lines? I bet only Money Line and want to make a move to Lines soon.

  15. ‘First of many’ I really hope so!! Great work Captain, sadly I missed the live stream but happy to watch this in it’s entirety now 🙂

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