Straight from the Strip for Wednesday, April 15, 2020: Get sports betting and handicapping tips direct from Las Vegas each and every Wednesday on Straight from the Strip with Kelly Stewart, Minty Bets, and Gianni the Greek. Our panel of experts answer questions directly from the WagerTalk TV audience and discuss what is going on in the world of sports from a Vegas perspective.

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  1. Loving this lineup and show. I work while its live but I’ll try to watch Wednesday night or just over the weekend

  2. Ace said not paying tuition or student loans for an education but paying bookmakers so you can learn – #Truth now that I look at that way let’s just say I’ve learned a lot Lol

  3. Props to Gianni for setting prez straight. Always interrupting or being rude to the guests. I feel bad for some of them

  4. Prez. Stay behind the scenes. Also when you interview people, for ex Rob, listen to them and stop cutting them off. Great story VR we all believe your high school yrs. Once again Prez just collect the check. You have some great talent under you. Good job building the sites, but take a step back

  5. yall gotta good team there at wager talk….it really feels like yall a big family. I love that. Great chemistry.

  6. That’s why I respect Gianni the most he always keeps it honest 🤚😎

    Great job man 👊

  7. Does one’s analysis come up with a play or do you find supporting analysis AFTER you like the play?

  8. 01:43 “Never Better” – its going to cost me Six Figures over 6 months
    08:16 in high school, i was already Booking 10:03 LoanSharking
    12:14 shading Lines 14:57 Reverse Line move 20:03 Bill Hill boot
    35:25 Game of the Year 37:53 Prez, STFU, I’m Talking [drops mic]

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