✏️ If you bet on sports long enough, the miracle win streaks and improbable losing streaks are bound to happen. How should you use sports betting win streaks to gauge the success of a handicapper? WagerTalk’s professional sports bettor Las Vegas Cris offers his advice on how to read sports betting win streaks: When to follow, the importance of long-term success, and realistic expectations for handicappers.

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  2. I’ve been doing a pick em pool against the spread for the past three seasons. You must pick every game. ~120 people in the pool. Ive won the past two years and am trailing by 3 games this year at 70-49 (59%.) Last year I hit 61%. The year before, 59%. The issue is I don’t seem to win that much when I place bets with my picks. I always seem to pick the wrong ones. I will usually do 2-3 games a week and I hover right around 50%. Would you recommend I wager on every game every week? The superstition in me tells me that as soon as I do that I will start losing way more then I win.

  3. I Worked in Vegas for 35 yrs. I was the Sports Director at Whiskey Pete’s Casino. A day a young Kid game in and Bet a 10 team parley. He had just turned 21 yrs old and his first time Betting. He hit all 10 Teams for $10,000. Handicapper are like Baseball player’s who get into Slumps and go on Streaks. The Truth of the Matter most Handicappers are not Big Money Wagers. I think they would be much better if they Focused on one Sport. Years ago i paid $500 for a year of College Football. The Guy game me 6 top plays LOSERS back to Back. I subscribe to the ” Goldsheet ” and made a Profit of +1500 plus my $500.

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