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  1. Post COVID-19 Hiatus FREE Sports Plays Results
    Sunday, February 7, 2021
    3-1 (75%) +2.13 units
    Overall: 333-274-8 (54.86%) +39.94 units
    2021 YTD: 67-62 (51.94%) -5.10 units
    Jan 2021: 51-56 (47.66%) -15.49 units
    Feb 2021: 16-6 (72.73%) +10.52 units
    Overall 2U Plays: 54-43-1 (55.67%) +12.92 units
    2021 2U Plays: 7-7 (50%) -1.68 unit
    Overall 3U Plays: 3-0 (100%) +9.00 units
    ‘Wong” teasers: 1-0 (100%) +1.00 unit

    🇺🇸NFL🏈 Team prop: Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense O1.5 sacks -185 = WIN 🤑 +1.00 unit
    0.50U🇺🇸NFL🏈 Player prop: RB Leonard Fournette score TD anytime +125 = WIN 🤑 +0.63 unit
    0.75U🇺🇸NHL🏒 Carolina Hurricanes ML -140 over Colombus Blue Jackets = WIN 🤑 +0.75 unit
    0.25U 🇺🇸NHL🏒 Carolina Hurricanes -1.5 goals +190 over Colombus Blue Jackets = LOSS ❎ -0.25 unit

    Great Sunday session for free plays! 🏆See you on Monday 8th! 😎👍

  2. I feel bad for anyone that quit MC after last month. 36-6 in just the last 36 hours and up 26 units this week 😳😂. Amazing work Ryan!

  3. This super bowl has been hilarious to watch. The NFL is no different than the WWE. I can’t believe this is the most popular sport in America.

  4. Carolina was 1 minute away from hitting on the puck line. Oh well, going into the football game up .5u is better than being in the hole.

  5. Hey buddy I just wanted to comment and say I just found your channel and your work. I wanted to give feedback on the “Steve Stevens” situation. I’ve been in Vegas since 1997 and in the FIGHT industry since 2005 as a Muay Thai trainer & I’m a security consultant here now.
    I’ve worked with multiple UFC fighters including champions Forest Griffin and I’ve been an active sports better since I have been here and I have never heard of the guy. I watch three seconds of a video and I thought it was a spinoff of Jersey shore, he’s a joke!!! If I can be of any help hmu on Twitter @tonytigertotero 🙏🏼 much respect ✊🏼

  6. Youre a Wise man! Instead of trying to force the issue and make something out of nothing just stay away! Take Max Pescoretty of vegas to score and 2point game vs kings!

  7. Take a 1st td scorer on betmgm for 20 bucks risk free! I took Tyreek Hill 1st chiefs td boosted to +790 and Gronk 1st bucs td boosted to +990

  8. People who are truly wealthy youd never know it by just looking at them! I know many Millonaires who still drive a 1980s chevy pickup! I know millionaires who dont even own a car! Youre the best in my opinion! Ive tracked about every1 you can name that gives out picks and youre up there by far!!

  9. That stevens dude couldnt hold up your socks! Hes just a scammer preying on ppl who bet on possibility instead of Probability!! Youre the man!! Love your work!! Stevens aint even got 100k probably! Love everything you do!!! Keep up the good work!

  10. You should be grateful for Steve Stevens and Vegas Dave. Without guys like them throughout history, sportsbooks wouldn’t exist, and you’d be doing youtube videos about hvac systems instead. There’s a reason Circa treats Stevens like a king with 6-figure limits, and it’s not because they like him.

  11. Being a Michigan man, I can’t bet against the GOAT. Tom Brady and the Bucs will get the job done in thrilling fashion. 31-30

    Brady 313 pass yards, 3 TDs

  12. That’s awesome for sticking to your principles! Great that you didn’t feel pressured into giving out a play just because it’s a Superbowl. No value no bet.

  13. Great day yesterday…I sprinkled a couple of bucks on the 4 college games as a parlay. Paid off nicely!! It will come in handy for today’s game

  14. You are a good capper don’t lower yourself I watch these guys all the time they are not gamblers they are salesman stay a gambler

  15. I try to tell my friends…it is just another game. Yes…it is the SB, but it is another game. Seeing 8t another way was how I got carried away. Treat every game the same. It is crazy the money that gets poured into it. I am trying to protect my bankroll.

  16. Excellent video. Showing restraint on Super Bowl Sunday is the mark of a true pro. No value = no play. I subscribe to the same mindset. It’s just another sporting event. There are literally thousands of events in hundreds of markets globally on any given day. This is just one event. No need to press & artificially create value or rationale for the sake of having a conventional side and/or totals play. That’s precisely what the books will feast on today. The degenerate action junkie gamblers with no self control. Again, great message with the alleged “bad news.” 😉👊

    You have me in the grips of anticipation for your upcoming counter proposal video to Steve Stevens! I can’t wait to see it & get SS to watch it. He’ll respond. His ego is out of control to not. BTW, the name of Steve’s sidekick you saw is “Vegas Paparazzi.” Obviously, an alias. I thought you should know so you can address him directly in the counter offer video & let him know about that sports almanac. 😂 Trust me, he’ll also watch your counter offer video as well! He did the last one. Like I stated before, entice Stevens to agree. The sports gambling community would LOVE to see a Steve Stevens vs. Ryan Bender head to head match-up. It would be EPIC! 😎👍

  17. No worries you are just doing your job. I respect and appreciate you so much. You don’t sugar coat anything and tell it like it is.

  18. Hey boss I just ordered the MasterClass. Do you send me the information thru email or by mail?

  19. in typical Canadian fashion, he says sorry for not giving out a free pick on a specific game. Keep it up, the knowledge is worth more than the picks

  20. U still the man bender 💯 we appreciate u for whatever u give us thanks on the pics right it’s just another game

  21. Here is how I feel about this game. Both NO and GB beat themselves, flat out. I don’t see Mahomes and Reid doing the same. If things inexplicably all roll Brady’s way yet again then so be it, I’ll happily take the L. But for me KC is the ONLY way to go here.

    I’ve also taken the FH Under 27.5 and parlayed it to KC -3.

    Best of luck everyone

  22. Im one of them But I believe in you I’m sending you some new customers hopefully I’m giving up betting after Super bowl.

  23. Like your videos…dude not many handicappers ..enjoy listening to you not at alll like other handicappers out there ….keep up the good work 👍😎

  24. Man such a great day today, Going 11-1 In Masterclass and nearly having a clean sweep on the UFC, Haven’t felt this good Sportsbetting since the very start, You’ll always have my faith Ryan

  25. Man I saw that scammer Steve Stevens show him talking about u 😂 that guy is biggest scammer him and Vegas Dave both flashy pretending to be rich on there hard earned money 😆 he won’t ever take ur offer cuz he knows he would get roasted 80 percent winners 😂

  26. If I could get TB +3 1/2 I’d take it but, not happening. The prop play’s I’ve got so I was not expecting Super bowl play today, no problem.

  27. Bender no pick for the gator aid color or over under on national anthem , im surprised you didn’t have a system for them hahaha

  28. Often the successful ones are the least flashy guys filming out of quote on quote “motels”. Great lesson by ur parents

  29. Bender is on 🔥🔥. This is why you don’t quit after one month because we will win in the long term

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