The Supreme Court cleared the way on Monday for states to legalize sports betting, striking down a 1992 federal law that had prohibited most states from authorizing sports betting.

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  1. Monika Humayer
    Government should create jobs and get taxes created from profit of actual value and not using tax collected from betting offices which is people’s hard earned money .It is the government who should be made responsible. The same goes for the profit the goverment made from selling pharmaceutical drugs alcohol and cigarette. Everyone is suffering and choked by the idiotic habits which should be hiding way from sight and not being advertised like a coolest thing as part of watching a soprt game. I would ban
    Betting advertisement during a match as the enjoyment of the game is being linked with the name of the betting companies , So our minds are being dangerously tricked, First step to end this is to really ban any harmful companies or betting shops being advertised during matches or at least on the TV Ot made is believing that gambl8ng is as much enjoyment as watching a great game, Then football playing horse riding tennis would become just like any other entertainment job or healthy sport activity and not a source of extreme Danger. So keep safe and educate your children .

  2. supreme pizza court on shitty window solitaire video game as another failed terrorist advertising campaign

  3. And this may also help Cannabis legalization if a lawsuit is ever filed against either the DoJ or something else… #thisgonbegood #getyourpopcornoutfolks

  4. Sports gambling expert David Purdum from ESPN Chalk discusses the US Supreme Court decision to end the ban on sports betting from a Las Vegas perspective and what to expect next across the United State and what states will legalize sports betting. Dave also answers some important questions:

    Is online Poker next to be legalized?

    What states does will set up sports betting first?

    Will college sports not be allowed under the change in the law?

    Will the “vig” be the traditional -110 or will we see -115 or -120 on straight wagers?

    Should Nevada be concerned with a federal regulations changing how they do business?

  5. Wow thanks the gov’t decided we can finally bet money on who scores more points throwing a ball around.

  6. So now that we left the decision up to the states for sports betting, can we do the same with online poker and marijuana. Common sense…

  7. gaming was way more honest when it was run by the mob! now it’s run by the real thugs , the Democrats!

  8. 6-3? oh, wow that’s surprising, I guess there must actually be a good legal reason for this – can’t wait to hear it broken down on Opening Arguments podcast.

  9. I know it’s going to be close, but I bet Maris beats out The Babe for the most HRs in one season.

  10. Las Vegas/Nevada Lobbyists have paid-off US Politicians for decades, so other States wouldn’t have the right to legalize gambling.
    Not pro-gambling; just pro-States Rights.

  11. Lets hope integrity in sports does not go out the window because of this. What little there was to begin with that is.

  12. Some people say “oh well it will cause more problems, addicts…” well guess what we have other vices such as alcohol, drug use that cause problems and addicts but you have to give the individual the right to those things whether you like it or not

  13. There’s going to be a lot of hospital visits with people “accidentally” breaking both there their legs.

  14. This is where it starts, then Biff gets a hold of the Delorean time machine and then finds the Sports Almanac.

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  16. Not like anyone’s gonna go to the casinos just to place bets everyone is still gonna be using their bookies, they need to make it a legal small bussiness for the regular people not just the rich

  17. Tenth amendment FTW! It was long overdue that the “commerce clause” was reigned in. This also clears the way to strike down military conscription!!! Huge!

  18. They legalized robbery, called it belief.
    Religion$ want you to gamble, on the afterlife.
    #inSCIENCEbasedwetrust isn’t printed on the dollar bills, for reason$.

  19. Sports betting isn’t legal in America??
    Lol you Americans have been banning the wrong things.

  20. It’s always been up to the states. Since the Federal government was never granted that power by the U.S. Constitution, it is reserved to the states and to the people per the 10th Amendment.


    And Congress CAN’T act because it would be a violation of the 10th Amendment. Each state needs to learn to IGNORE the federal government.

    It’s yet another example of how Federal government has been overreaching it’s power for many decades.

  21. Israel lie.
    Israel does the same as the Nazis against the Palestinians !
    The world does not accept cowardice.

  22. I am going to bet on the New York Yankees everyday for the rest of my life


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