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Thailand News Today | 10,000 schools closed, 900 new migrant infections, Gambling crackdown | Jan 6

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The nationwide Emergency Decree has been extended until the end of February.

The decree gives the Thai government the ability to set policies and procedures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 such as restricting travel and setting up road checkpoints. The emergency decree was first declared in April last year and has been extended, month by month, ever since.

365 new Covid-19 cases and 1 additional death have been announced today during the CCSA daily briefing. There are now 4,847 active Covid infections in Thailand. 

A total of 9,331 Covid-19 cases have been reported since the start of the outbreak, more than 100% rise in infections over the past 2 weeks alone.

The latest coronavirus-related fatality is a 63 year old man who drove migrant workers to and from work in Samut Sakhon. He was admitted to the hospital on December 27 and died yesterday due to multiple organ failure. There was no report of underlying conditions.

Locally, Chon Buri had the most new cases, followed by Samut Prakan, Chanthaburi and Bangkok.

In addition to the 365 new infections reported today, there has also been an announcement of 900 more Covid-19 cases detected in Samut Sakhon. 

Officials are looking to turn some of the factories in the area into quarantine facilities and field hospitals.

There’s now been 2,296 Covid-19 infections recorded in the province, just southwest of Bangkok, the hotspot in the latest outbreak that kicked off on December 20.

The vast majority of patients are Burmese migrants working at various seafood processing factories throughout the province.

And included in today’s announcements are additional restrictions on people travelling out of red zone provinces, that includes Bangkok. One of the requirements will be a tracking app that will have to be installed on the traveller’s phones. No further details have been an nounced at this stage.

There’s also been some additional restrictions put on British citizens who are currently, or will be staying, at ASQ hotels for their mandatory quarantine period. The restrictions limit the occupant’s access to outside areas, including rooftops, during their ASQ stay.

Details on all these latest limitations and rules are available at thethaiger.com

Beyond Samut Sakhon, illegal gambling has become the current focus as health officials try to track down elusive gamblers after the Covid-19 outbreak in Rayong province 10 days ago.

Officials say that compulsive gamblers tend to frequent various venues and also travel in groups. 

Police are focussing their attention on the numerous gambling hubs around Bangkok… gambling dens that apparently don’t exist, according to the Deputy PM, Prawit Wongsuwan yesterday.

Over 10,000 schools, in at least the 28 ‘red zone’ Thai provinces, are to close until the end of this month and switch to online learning.

Additionally, on the southern resort island of Phuket, the Governor has ordered all schools to close from tomorrow until January 20 as a preventative measure. The order has caused some confusion (and a bit of panic) among islanders, given that the same governor confirmed the island’s 3 Covid patients had recovered and were being discharged from hospital. 

Phuketians have voiced their concerns over the number of out-of-province visitors to the island during the recent New Year holiday.


  1. Thank you for this update. My girlfriend lives in Bangkok and I have been trying to see her for over a year now. I hope everyone stays safe and I understand the situation, I hope travel will be better by the summer time, I am missing her dearly. Subscribed.

  2. Who is this little kid? Don’t like his report , seen one other of his reports & information was incorrect so you lose my vote.
    Jett sorry but your a little boring because you sound like a robot, i can hear when you talk very easy to tell your reading from a script & robot like.

    PLEASE BRING BACK TIM !!! When Tim reads the news it’s come so fluent & makes me want to listen …👍🙏🏻

  3. Jett, can I just have half your hair? Don’t even need it all, maybe just a little? Great job!

  4. So let me guess all this time Thailand was closed for what people lost jobs and now magically u start kicking covid cases? I think your country got some pressure from someone it’s global plandemic same stuff going on in every country its like they playing by the text book 😂👌

  5. Look at the statistics……..Complete over reaction….world wide. 90% recovery rate at least – the FLU kills that same number every year. Bigger agenda at play here……. Soylent Green is People!!!

  6. You simply cant believe the Thai covid figues If they dont test the population how do the know who has covid19 ? Head in the sand approach. Sorry bring back Tim

  7. Great update on Thailand covid situation. I wish that Boris in the UK had his finger on the pulse from the beginning. Instead of up his butt. Latest reports here 1 in 50 people in the have covid.. Your English is excellent by the way Jett 👏

  8. One death? How many from depression and then suicide? Can’t stay locked up forever.. The vaccine doesn’t completely stop transmission. So then what..

  9. What an insult,. Comedy ,!!!
    Testing temperature on hands.
    Hahhhh hahhhhh.
    Coldest part of the body… 🙈🙈🙈
    Typical Thais.

  10. sadly your new face of the news has no GRAVITAS….just a pretty boy who no doubt has got the job by nepotism… or has the right connections….. cant be taken seriously….

  11. This isn’t rocket science the more people you test the more people test positive. Up until December Thailand tested very few people so very few people tested positive duh lol! In spite of all the propaganda that’s the only real difference

  12. I keep seeing comments about gambling. It’s sad, invest your money in crypto currencies and smile at the end of the day.

  13. I could of told u this on Monday I live in isan and get all the latest info from real Thais, and the gambling in Thailand. Ie chicken boxing and card playing,

  14. Haha Thailand 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 illegal immigrants are everywhere not only from Myanmar

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    One blessing
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    Tara Vanhonacker – Thara Suranaree … 2016

  16. better close the wet markets instead of schools and switch off panic mode …. fare well, paranoid Thailand

  17. From The Nation..up to you if you believe this report but IMO this is NOT new cases but already reported: ” The 900 new cases have been found across several factories in the province since the new wave of the outbreak had been reported, and the province has already submitted the statistics to the CCSA.”

  18. Loving the new look of this recurring news show. Very professional. Thanks for putting together such a great show.

  19. Anyone coming to Thailand for a holiday from the UK with all the restrictions, quarantine, and hoops to jump through now has added restrictions when they return to the UK. The lastest is everyone now needs a negative corvid test before they fly back. Time for the hospitals in Thailand to treble the price of their corvid tests. Anyone planning a holiday abroad this year needs their head looking at.

  20. “gambling crackdown” ❓ surly there should be a crackdown on gambling ALL the time, after all it is illegal here in Thailand. Corruption at work as per usual 👮‍♂️💰

  21. Appears that The Thaiger jumped on the Thai PBS article without any fact checking. So if you want to remain a credible news site please explain to me how 1000 migrant workers had cases jan 2/3 + over 500 on Dec 20 and WITH 900 more they are at 2296? Are you claiming negative cases dec 21 – jan 2? Please explain as IMO that is fake news

  22. Much Less than 1% death rate… destroying lives over this is ridiculous. These lockdowns and stifling the economy closing off tourism will do far more damage than this bullshit virus could ever do. Wake up.

  23. What the heck will stopping guests on the roof tops of ASQ hotels do? absolutely nothing lol another brain dead idea !!!get vaccinating Thailand or face mass infections check the facts they are out there for all to read and forget the media hype !!!!

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    Don’t worry for covid19 just viral flue I have faced already

  25. Thailand seems to be a bit like Sweden, at first almost nothing for many months and after that lots of cases in a very short period of time

  26. Thailand will become full of Covid just like the rest of the world. You can delay it, but you can’t stop it forever.

  27. British nationals having restrictions put on them who are already in asq hotel is stupid they are being tested for covid,.

  28. Thanks for all the information it helps to keep ahead. Mick nong khai

  29. Thailand just need to open up free testing site at this point. Especially in Bangkok since that’s where everybody comes in from other countries.

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