Trevor “TmarTn” Martin and also Tom “ProSyndicate” Cassell are 2 prominent YouTubers, that, in late 2015, created a dazzling plan to make themelves abundant.

They were mosting likely to run a traditional casino site rip-off.

Especially, they were going to obtain individuals hooked on a CS: GO betting website they possessed, however not inform any individual they had it. It had all the ingredients of an excellent rip-off.

The only trouble was that CS: GO gaming was a huge, below ground market that downed along at night streets under the spotless outside of CS: GO esports. As well as these 2 dinguses handled to aid to take off and also reveal among pc gaming’s most intricate grey markets with simply a couple of easy video clips.

Video clip Courtesies:

Yes, I belong proprietor of CSGOLotto com Full Story( tmartn action) Deleted video clip

Politeness: TmarTn through Marie Antoinette

Tmartn I’m Sorry Apology (REUPLOADED).
Politeness: TmarTn by means of Ego Rapture.
Initial Title: THE $500 BETTING CHALLENGE! TmarTn vs YouTubeBrock.
Politeness: TmarTn2 using Fluff.

Tmartn, ProSyndicate as well as JoshOG CS GO Scandal Part 1.
Politeness: HonorTheCall.

HOW TO WIN $13,000 IN 5 MINUTES CS GO Betting( tmartn removed video clip).
Politeness: TmarTn through Marie Antoinette.

Deceptiveness, Lies, and also CSGO.
Politeness: h3h3Productions.

INSANE 6 KNIFE WIN!!! (CS: GO Betting).
Politeness: TheSyndicateProject.

Politeness: TheSyndicateProject.

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  1. Did he mean when he “found” the site, he “founded” the site as a defense it was not secret?

  2. Awesome video. However, the music is mixed way too loudly when you are talking. It makes it hard to hear you.

  3. And then real companies would start using loot boxes in their games and letting kids gamble all over again.

  4. I still go to Trevor Martin’s vlogs every once in a while to comment on how nice his house and car is and ask how much of them were paid for by underaged gamblers.

  5. i mean im not mad at it….kudos the kid….the fault goes to dumb fucks who paying to dress a gun that is gonna perform exactly the same way for 100 of dollars…you dont get a house like that….that young….even in florida and an average looking girl that you can cheat on and she stays cause you got a good kitchen withought a lil bending of the truth

  6. But how didn’t people find out sooner? Could it be possible that they bought out the website later on ? Either way they should have disclosed it.

  7. Idk why everyones triggered imo.

    I think the scheme was fucking amazing. The amount of dumbass kids he probably scammed through that shit. Gambling laws are pretty bullshit and honestly as a grown ass adult you should be able to realize how retarded gambling is.

  8. Its so sad Trevor did this. Ive been watching him for a little bit now and I never knew this happened. What I want you all to know is that he’s moved on and has learned a lot. He just does single player walkthroughs now and is a chill dude.

  9. Just from watching those reaction videos i could see this was a scam lol You have to be an idiot for falling for that mess

  10. This channel should keep reminding it’s viewers every now and then about these scammers so people don’t forget who they are.

  11. The reason Trevor Martins not in jail is because he is a genius when it comes to money and finances. He knows how to work the system. He doesn’t even pay taxes because there is a legal way to get away with not paying taxes. Say what you want about Trevor but he’s a genius.

  12. I hate what Tmartn did awhile back, but he’s done with that. (I know, call me an idiot). Don’t know about Syndicate but Tmartn has changed and doesn’t fake ish anymore like his reactions. He understands the current landscape now and he’s a real dude. I’m not saying what he did was good, that was fked, but the guy has changed.

    Why am I defending a millionaire lmao idk the guy is a good dude now

  13. How is this any different from lootboxes in any other game today. This is the same Scummy shit just using a weird loophole to actually pay out real world cash.

  14. So people are mad at them because they kinda lied about being part owners and promoting it so they can get money

  15. H3h3 and the clown honer the dunkcall boy soo mad at them to this day i’m stil trigger at them

  16. The 2 most hated people in the gaming community. They were the beginning of the bad era of gaming.. Also seananners…

  17. I don’t even play this game but you make the story’s so interesting and the videos so well produced I cant stop watching

  18. By no means am I saying that this was good or even legal, but if Tmartn or Syndicate had a brain they would’ve had a friend that lives far away own the site and create it

  19. I remember when I worked as a slot attendant at a casino when I was going through college. I remember them telling me when I got hired that I was not allowed to gamble at that casino now that I was an employee. This is the exact reason. If others find out you work for the casino *_and_* also see you winning, most people will assume you have some “insider knowledge.” And that’s just being a lowly employee. Forget about these two that actually *_OWNED_* the company. This makes me sad to see this video because I really like the _Super Cooper Sunday_ videos. But knowing that he did this _and_ Chelsea knew about it and is still with him really changes my view of them both. 🙁 🙁

  20. this is how pachinko parlors in japan works i belive; you buy tokens to play pachinko machines, you win random prizes, then you take those prizes to a conveniently placed shop that buys them for real money. you never gamled with real money, but someone is buying your dumb teddy bear prize with cash next door.

  21. I used to love Tmartn and I thought that he was a good person but after this i unsubbed and never watch him anymore.

  22. kinda crazy how nobody talks about the hundreds of thousands of pounds syndicate has raised for various charities…

  23. Really disappointed in Tom. I’ve been watching since he was first featured by xJawz in a zombies video and when I heard about this, all respect I had for him went down the drain.

  24. Tge youtube accounts still has millions of subs, just goes to show no one cared abt the background of the channel. He just made millions scamming but he said sorry

  25. So let me get this straight…. ProSyndicate co-founds a gambling site and ibuypower sells a contest game. I gotta study gamer names closely now.

  26. Maybe I’m just getting old, but why do people care so much about skins? I can’t imagine paying money for something like that. Hell, I couldn’t even justify spending real money to buy equipment in Diablo II, and that actually did something.

  27. well isnt that gambling too ? what u do in csgo buy keys and open cases and hope to get a good one through luck ? that sounds close to gambling to me too so stop hating only one side of it why cant valve actually fucking fix prices on each n every fuckin skin and u cud just pay for that specific item and get it … sounds neat and clean right ?

  28. The internet allows such psychopaths/narcissists to thrive easily and scam thousands of people, then act like some fucking hero who cares about dogs and shit, which he doesn’t. Be aware when people try to be overly charming (fake) and love the sound of their own voice. There’s always some bullshit in the closet for such weirdos, 99% of the time.

  29. Trevor: “i wish I was more upfront about lying to my audience, but everything was legal”. Basically he is saying fuck off, I’m sorry that I got caught. Typical sociopath scammer.

  30. i mean what if he just didnt make videos on it and played on an alt account and won all the skins, like itd prob still be going on

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