On this video, syndicated gaming author, John Grochowski, offers particulars on the 5 greatest bets that may be made in craps. Among the subjects coated embody: purchase bets, place bets, come and do not come bets, move and do not move bets; free odds bets; and extra!

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  1. My first trip to Vegas 30 plus years ago and only played craps. Won $5000 over 3 days but didn’t know about the odds bet behind the pass line. Now I only play craps if it’s at least 10x odds.

  2. So my question is does the come bet pay more then a place bet? If not what’s the point of risking getting say a 4 on a come bet when you could just place it yourself?

  3. imagine a player having 50 plus winning rolls and you’re betting 20x free odds each time – big win!!

  4. my favorite craps bet is the hit em all. It pays 175:1. Yes its hard but I’ve seen it happen twice in AC at the same table

  5. The Odds bet is the second best bet at the craps table. What’s the best bet you ask. A Dealer Bet. Show your dealers some love everyone.

  6. I find betting on stock options and stock options strategies to be most similar to craps. Kind of a random roll on both but trying to always bet to win 3 by risking a loss of 1. Taking every step u can to minimize house edge.

  7. just to add to it a 6-1 is the same thing as a 1-6….same goes for a 4-3/3/4 and a 5-2/2-5……they are same fucking dice rolls…..to say that you can actually CALL what EACH dice hits for a specific number with regards to hitting a 7 whilst saying there are 6 ways to making a 7 is completely FUCKED…..try telling the Boxman that you had a bet on a 7 with a 2 and a 5 but with the second dice hitting the felt after it hits the table…..there are 3 ways wo make a 7 and they are 6-1/4-3 and 5-2….you cannot make a 7 any other way

  8. this guy is a CLOWN…..7 ways to roll a 7…..not likely.2 dice with numbers 1 to 6 and the combinations to roll a 7 are 3-4 and 5-2 and 6-1……there is no other way to make a 7 with 2 dice.Same goes for 8 and 6 there are three combinations but the 6 and 8 get the benefit of being a “hard way” which if you have those bet get paid heavy odds.

    This guy is a clown and I stopped listening as soon as he said there are 7 ways to roll a 7.

  9. This guy is a fucking moron. The Pass/Come and Don’t Pass/Don’t Come bets backed up by full odds is the ONLY bet you should EVER make on a craps table. Everything else is a sucker bet.

  10. As far as I’m concerned the free odds bet is just the houses way to get you to bet over your head. It doesn’t really lower the house vig because you are putting more money in play to lower the vig.
    So basically a player will lose the same amount per hour whether or not they play free odds on their original pass line wager.

  11. John is great. Besides being a gambling expert he frequents Beatlefest in Chicago and is a very approachable guy. Nice guy!

  12. If the point established is a 4 or ten bet against our should take odds but even if the 7 shows you lose. it….always. My play is 22 or 44 inside always. I never play the pass line unless I a m shooting the dice you don’t have to. Craps is a g grind and non of these clown experts seem to want to tell you that. If you think your going to get rich or make a living from playing craps,think again the ups and downs will drive you insane. To be a successful gambler you need to incorporate many different games and that includes sports betting and the most important thing in gambling is money management second is knowledge. Don’t know how to play and you give more edge to the house. Look on the internet and see how many systems there are playing craps. If there was a fool proof system everyone would be playing it and the game would no longer be seen in the casinos. Don’t be a dope. I really loved the countdown to the ” best bet” being free odds. If you playing the pass line you should always take odds but if the 7 shows you still lose.

  13. Remember folks if you play the come you got to see the number twice to get paid. Once to establish and once to get paid and you got to take the number that gets rolled. then you gotta do it all over again. If you place the number you get paid right away,can choose whatever number you want and take the bet down whenever you want. The come bet sucks.

  14. I have always thought/heard placing max odds does not effect the house advantage. The reason being the odds bet is going to break even in the long run but your pass line bet still has the same gouse advantage.

  15. Playing $5 minimum pass line bet what are the minimum odds bet for the point numbers. 4 and 10 is $5 dollar minimum odds bet but what about 5 and 9 6 and 8, the casino will let you put $6 odds bet for these numbers? Many thx.

  16. Why not just tell the truth? The craps table is a place where many DIFFERENT games can be played. In a sense there is no game called craps. There is a Craps table where a variety of games can be played. Some offer lower risks along with low pay offs… such as the player who wants to play the Dice game called “Pass Line”, where the player faces a low house advantage or so called vig of .0141 and an even money payoff if won. This is great for the gambler who wants to take little risk and settles for the occasional small win(s). On the other end of the spectrum we may have a player who wants and enjoys bigger risks and bigger pay-offs. They play the Dice game called “Aces” or “12” and are very happy with their occasional 30 to 1 pay-off(s) and don’t mind having to pay the high house vig of .1389.   Advise the new player that there is NO BEST WAY to play at a craps table and that anyone who claims there is a Best Way to play “Craps” is not only presumptive but also pompous and ignorant.

  17. I despise talking about the house edge, unless you’re playing for a year straight those numbers will never mean anything to you.

  18. Been a craps players for years in AC, now play in Vegas and the best play, in my opinion, is to bet the 6 and 8, but back them up with a small hardways wager as well. The point number too, bet that hard, if it’s hardways, then it’s a huge bonus play. If its not hard and hits, you still are up. Good luck at the tables.

  19. i have a very good winning strategy but it only works on electronic craps beause you can make more bets faster than dealing with superstitous assholes at live craps, i only bet the dont pass and make point bets on the side for no more than 4 rolls before a seven lands

  20. all these assholes never show a good strategy for winning because they dont want you betting on the dont pass, its not good for business even though the only way to win long term is to bet the dont pass

  21. 2, 3, and 12 are losers on the come out roll, correct?  so 7 is a winner on the come roll, but isn’t there another number that is a winner too (on the come out roll)?

  22. What is worth to mention is that the free odds bet does not improve the expected value of the player… The negative expected value remains the same, you just add a lot of more variance!! If you want to bet big, having huge swings, its very good, but you dont use free odds bet for getting a better expected value… dont forget that… he should have mention it, it seems you are losing less money when thats not the case…

  23. I’m a long time craps gambler. I did all the strategy in the books. The best bet that you could make is the 6 and 8. Bet $12 on 6 and $12 on 8. When 6 or 8 is hit, you reduce your bet to $6 each. Now you are playing the casino’s money and take all the wins. If the Roller is hot then you can put $5 on 5 and 9 and if you keep winning press your bets on 6 and 8 first then the 5 and 9 and then time to bet on 4 and 10. Then bet the hardways only if the roller is really hot.

  24. The first bet you talked about. The pay triple on a 2 or 12 on a field bet.
    I seen the country Panama (the country), in Panama City. The casino was the Veneto. They had this rule the lat time I was there which was March 2014. I was wondering why I was doing better at this casino on craps than at other places. I didn’t play craps at other casinos in this city. They might all be like that. They use U.S. dollars there so if you are a gambler and looking for a different place to vacation, you might think about Panama.

  25. Except for the true odds back-up even-money bet, we have just witnessed the glorification of underlay wagers, granted, not a steep house edge to overcome, but nevertheless, with a long-term expectation of the player losing. The downside of playing Craps is that there is no skill which can be developed and applied to the game to turn the percentage edge in the player’s favor. The really best bets in the world accrue to those who have the percentage edge, regardless of whether with or against the house.

  26. If you’re already betting table minimum, it’s another matter. There’s no imperative to tacking another bet onto that. But if you’re betting above minimum, part of the goal is to minimize the portion of your bet that’s exposed to the house edge.


  27. Let’s say you’re at a $5 table with 5x odds. If you wager $25 on don’t pass, then per wager you’ll average 34 cents in losses. If instead you wager $5 on don’t pass, then lay 5x odds whenever a point is established, your average loss drops to just under 7 cents.

    You give yourself the best chance to win if you drop your don’t pass bet to the minimum, and reserve the larger portion of your total wager for the bet with no house edge that is not exposed to the comeout.


  28. I relayed your question to John Grochowski for a more complete answer and here’s what he said:

    The problem is that you’re exposing that $25 to the comeout roll, where you have eight ways to lose and only three ways to win. Yes, you have an edge once a point is established, but you don’t know you’re going to get to that point when you make the bet. The lay odds are not exposed to the comeout.


  29. I understand that. What I am trying to say is I always chose not to lay odds on the don’t pass line since I have a statistical advantage over the house once I survive the come-out roll…The more I lay the lower my edge over the house. Consider that my $25 bet on the don;t vs a point of 9 gives me a 3-2 edge, The more I lay at true odds would slightly lower that 3-2 advantage since I get paid 2-3 instead of even money.

  30. Interesting, I thought increasing the lay on the don’t pass line decreased the player’s edge since the original don’t pass bet pays even odds on a seven once the point is established. Example: I bet $25 on the don’t pass and survive the come out. A nine rolls and my original bet has the edge on the house by getting even payout on the seven(2-3 in my favor). Wouldn’t laying odds, although paying even money actually water-down my original bet?

  31. I’m writing a book on systemic crap strategies. It’s titled “How to go broke scientifically'”.

  32. No, the come line is only a pass line–to be used after the point is established. There is absolutely no difference between playing 2 pass bets or playing 1 pass and 1 come, in the long term. Both have exactly the same house vig.

  33. It’s not all luck. It’s mathematics, pure and simple. If you continuously make bets that have a 17% house edge rather than bets that have a 1% house edge, you will go broke much faster. If you want to be a smart gambler you will always make bets with the lowest house edge. You can’t avoid the math!

  34. A casino advantage of only 1.52% is very good. Especially, when you consider that most people are playing slot machines that can have a house edge of up to 15%.

  35. the 6 and 8 place bets are one of the worst bets in the casino
    Only 1.52 vig yummy yummy
    Have a full tank of gas to get you back home

  36. Your strange strategy of picking bets that are based on a previous set of outcomes is not going to work. Odds are odds and estimated values of the bets are mathematical. Dice have no memory. The best way to play any game with built-in house edge is to play the lowest house advantaged wagers.

  37. The come bet if bet in tandem with a Pass line bet is not the same as a stand alone Come bet ie the come bet will get creamed by the 2 3 and 12 craps.
    If you bet a lone come bet then a come bet is the same as a pass line bet
    ITs a complication

  38. It doesn’t matter what you bet in craps because it is a negative expectation game, meaning you are expected to lose in the long run. The best thing you can do is to only make bets that offer the casino the lowest edge. Then, hope you get lucky, win some money and walk away from the table.

  39. if you want to make real money in craps with some protection get the 6 and 8 then after you hit it twice get the 5 then hit one of the 3 then get 9 hit again get 10 hit again get 4 now you got them all covered and you did it with their money. Sometimes I will go with a hardway if we got a good controlled shooter using a hardway setup and bet the field a few times only now because if you lose you still win due to having everything covered and you did it all with house money.

  40. Past results do not indicate future results. Just because it has been a “don’t pass” day, doesn’t mean it will stay that way. In the long run, the best thing you can do is only make low house edge bets and hope your bankroll lasts long enough for you to get lucky and make some money.

  41. I have been playing strategy on craps for some time now, and just recently lost twice in my last two trips. This was after winning on 7 straight trips usually x3 or x5 my bank. I noticed that in my last two trips if I would have bet don’t pass, I would of had a win day. Now im training myself to read the game and bet accordingly to what rollers are getting because sometimes it just seems like its a dont pass day. So far I am just using money management to know when to quit. Thanks for vid.

  42. Makes zero sense to say that receiving true odds wouldn’t make those bets a better bet. The definition of true odds puts the casino at zero house edge. Why ignore the cold, hard probability?

  43. You have to rank the best bets offered in a casino based on the casino’s mathematical advantage. Just because you were lucky and happened to be a winner by placing the 6 and 8, that doesn’t mean the casino’s mathematical advantage is meaningless – it’s still 1.52%. If you keep tracking your results, you will see that the longer you play, the more likely your results will show that you will lose about 1.52% of your bets. The numbers aren’t meaningless – casinos make millions of $ based on them.

  44. I think its false to say that just because a bet pays at the true odds, it is therefore the best bet. If they paid 2 and 12 at true odds instead of 30 to 1, that wouldn’t make it any better of a bet. I think placing 6 and 8 are the best bets. After logging my casino games for a while, I’ve found that place 6 and 8 bets lose once in about 30 rolls. I double or triple my money every time.

  45. Just to say what you probably already know, but just so others know….Craps is SO MUCH EASIER than it looks/sounds…and it can be one of the most exciting games in the casino….ESPECIALLY if you can find a $5 table. $40 can go a LONG way when betting properly.

  46. Glad to hear that you like it. Many people are confused by craps. We plan to eventually do a video to explain the entire game, but it will be quite a few months before that happens.

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