Steve Bourie, writer of the American On line casino Information, interviewed syndicated gaming author John Grochowski for this video the place John provides his picks for the 5 greatest bets in a on line casino. Video games coated embrace: blackjack, baccarat, craps and video poker.

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  1. What about the card game called War? The dealer deals out one card to every player including himself. If your card is higher than the dealer then you win. What’s the house edge on that game?

  2. Play poker against people.
    That’s only game you can beat in casino. That’s only game you can always have 60%-80% of winning chance when you put your money in.

  3. The Best and Fastest Way to Wreck a Local Economy: Build Casinos!

    Casinos are parasites who prey on all classes of the community. The impact of casinos on neighboring property values is clearly negative. Casino gambling is associated with mental health problems, including depression, anxiety and mood disorders.

  4. My great Grandad, Charlie, was a desperate gambler during WW2 in London – he was abusive to my grandad and his brothers when they actually saw him when he wasn’t drinking or gambling. He would always promise his lovely, stoic (very Catholic – she thought she could reform him) wife, Bella at he would bring home money for new shoes or something – being a devout Catholic they parted ways, but didn’t divorce – Charlie lived his miserable life until dying as a penniless dick to TB. Yes, I gamble a little – but with friends for entertainment with small amounts. Gamble for fun people – don’t end up like Charlie.

  5. The best advice I ever heard so you don’t lose your ass, is to leave your bank card at home, and don’t take more than you can afford to donate. Lol 😂

    And then, when you do go in, be sure to have a loss limit and a win goal. If you take 100 bucks, you should leave when you hit $50, or when you hit $200. Or when you hit that $200 mark, recalculate your goals and losses. Best not to chase a losing streak.

  6. Most of the time when I walk into a casino and play, I get a flush…

    ..down the toilet with the money I played with…

  7. Who do you think is paying John & Steve to make this YouTube video? The gaming industry. There is no “best” casino bet. When you walk in you’re a “mark”. Everything you do is being watched carefully. If you start winning suddenly waitresses are coming over with free drinks. Anything to distract you. The casino is not for you but against you.

  8. My advice is……walk into the casino, take a look at everything going on. Then put your hands in your pockets and walk back out the door! Can I have an Amen ?

  9. a GREAT rule of thumb for all table games if the payout odds are shown anywhere on the layout or on a sign it is a BAD bet…
    if you notice the best bet of all table games (free odds) doesn’t have a spot marked on the table

  10. This guy works for the house. Black Jack is one of the worst bet in a casino. It’s a bet that you can lose whether you hit or stay on most hands

  11. The *REAL* Top 5 Casino Bets:
    1. Don’t bet against a casino
    2. Don’t bet against a casino
    3. Don’t bet against a casino
    4. Don’t bet against a casino
    5. Don’t bet against a casino

  12. BAcccarat … he said when the dealer hand wins you pay 5%.. What about the player hand? Arent they the same? Just names? how does the overall house edge equal ~1%???

  13. if you wish to be a consistent casino winner  there is a simple trick. People walk into a casino with the mind set  ” I will stop when I have lost x amount of money” and they stop when they have lost that much no matter how much they may have won in the time before. Now if you instead say ” I will stop if I have ANY profit”  and you then stop playing your a winner walk away . If everyone followed that system casinos would go out of business ( not just the Trump casino).

  14. Black jack is good too when the table is full. Just takes one player to beat the dealer. Everyone else who didnt bust wins too.

  15. pick 12 number for roulette, start with putting 5 of them down and after every win open a new number (from the 12 chosen), once the 12 numbers are open add a dollar to any of the numbers after every win

  16. You say in counting to raise the bets by the amount of high cards? And the lower cards favor the house? I have found the exact opposite to be true. And if there are more high cards that means the dealer has a up to 42% chance of pulling a face card. If they pull a face card and you stick at 17+ and their next card has again around a 42% chance of puling another face card then you will lose often. However if they pull a low card all you need is a 12+ to stick and the chance of them busting is huge. Now that is starting a deck. If you have even more face cards if you have a better chance at more black jacks that is true but guess what so do they. It makes no sense at all….no matter how you slice it. The only winners have two events: a set amount to win or lose and an exit strategy with a support person to enforce it.

  17. But counting cards, isn’t illegal, but it is illegal, because you will get your ass kicked out of a Casino if they even think you are counting cards and you can’t do anything 😛

  18. Baccarat my ass that game will kick your ass and have you leaving the casino sad like you mom just died.. play a couple bucks and leave

  19. @ 12:50 he mentions *Card Counters* in Blackjack. Problem is most of the good card counters eventually get barred from the casinos. In most places casinos can bar you for any reason. And most of them view card counting as equal to cheating. Even though “legally” card counting is not cheating.

  20. Baccarat is like roulette odd/even or red/black. You could theoretically use the martingale system to make money but the table limit prevent that.

  21. I prefer to think of gambling, including state lotteries, as a tax on the mathamatical illiterates.

  22. I’ve been to 8 casinos a total of 40 times or so. I’ve only lost money twice. Broke even 10 and made over $200 15 times (which I usually buy in for so $400 collectively). I don’t go a lot anymore but play skill games. In play Texas holdem and when I get up a good amount I play a couple more hands out of respect and leave never betting unless I get something great. Leaving when ur ahead is a good strategy. I remember waiting for a couple of co workers to get to one, sat down at the $5 video poker 2s wild played 2 hands, first one no win the second 4 of a kind and won $230. I cashed out waited for my friends to get there and when they arrived I said “well I won $230 I guess I’m done” fye I have sat longer and won $1700 one time but most the time when I get over $500+ I’ll lose it by thinking I can win more. Just get up.

  23. I didnt have any money to lose then lol. I still Dont, but ill be coming into some around mayweather fight time fight week between last wk april And may 2

  24. Don’t play roulette in Tunica MS.  I’ve been playing for years in several different place and for 3 trips in a row, I have never had worse playing anywhere but in Tunica.  I don’t know what it is, but the place totally sucks or roulette. 

  25. In truth, the 6 to 5 odds on 6 or 8 in craps are erroneous..this is a HUGE flaw with all these gambling books. The REAL odds are in 31 occurrences of a 6 or 8…13 will win, 13 will lose(a 50%/50%) and 5 will win 100% of the time! The other points are also in error in most all the books out. Dice are cubes not flat objects, and must be analyzed as such!  Zeke Feinberg is one of the (very) few authors that was able to point out these facts! The payouts are being shaved for all the points no matter if its a place bet or ‘free’ odds bet, but no one will admit to this.

  26. Someone stated that gambling is a tax on the poor, gets you hooked then bleeds you dry, even so if you have to be in it to win it hey or at least have that dream.

  27. the best bet is not to bet because u do not have more money than the casino and they will ruin you in the end

  28. My advice to those who have gambled is to learn the stock market. My advice to those who have never gambled is to pat yourself on the back and never step foot into a casino. You are already a winner.

  29. There is nothing like winning & nothing quite like losing either. Blackjack is the best bet in the house as far as im concerned and there is at least a signigicant percentage of skill involved. But then again bad luck completely out of your control will always find you & knock you on your ass eventually to remind you why its called gambling.

  30. There is no BJ dealt that gives you a + game w/o counting cards. You could have been more accurate by putting a negative in front of that 0.55%

  31. Well, it certainly helps to learn the correct strategies to lower the casino’s edge against you in all of the games you want to play. I would agree with your statement that “You can be the best blackjack player in the world, but if your not lucky, your not going to win.” However, in the long run, a knowledgeable player will always do better than someone who just guesses how to play their hands. Plus, the longer you play, the more likely the outcome will equal the true casino advantage.

  32. Yes, its all about having fun. But making decisions based on past results doesn’t actually do anything for your game. Dice rolls are random–they don’t react in any way to other random events.

  33. If counting cards at BJ can give you a + game,(and it does, if you can get away with it,(-;) how can playing the don’t become a “better bet”. A don’t line bet has a loss of 1.36….% of your action. All odds bets in craps have a loss of 0%. Betting double odds every chance u get would give your overall action a loss of 0.45%. There are no bets (or combinations of bets) in craps that give you a + game. Counting cards does.

  34. All these gambling “experts” are writing books to try and recover their losses in the casinos. You can be the best blackjack player in the world, but if your not lucky,
    your not going to win.
    It’s possible to win in the short run, but in the long run, the casinos enormous bankrolls will devour us.
    BTW, I have developed a casino gambling system and have contemplated writing
    a book. The title will be “How to go broke scientifically”.

  35. It is very difficult to be a long-term winner in a casino. The best route is to learn to count cards. However, if you are successful and you keep going to the same casino all the time the casino will figure it out and bar you from playing. The best thing you can do is to play at a land-based casino where you like the benefits of the players club. Then try to play a nearly break-even game such as blackjack, or video poker, and enjoy the benefits of the club without it costing you a lot of money.

  36. you cant win at any casino game. ive spent hundreds of hours trying everything i could think of, playing free sites. forget it, it not going to happen

  37. Your prop bets (the ones infront of the stickman) areyour worst bets incraps. Along with Any 7. Field bet is the next worst bet. Their are 18 combinations to win and 20 to lose. I would play the field only on a come out roll when im betting on the dont/dont come.

  38. Thats actually not the best bet in a casino. Playing the Don’t and doubling your odds on craps gives you the best advantage along with playing a certain video poker.

  39. On the craps table I always bet the Field and I don’t bet it every bet I just look for the shooter to roll a Field roll twice in a roll and then I bet the Field. I also bet the YO bet on most of the opening roll just as an added fun bet. I don’t bet much maybe 10-15 dollars per Field bet and not more than 1 dollar YO bet, so I just wanted to know your take on the Field bets and the YO bets. Thanks

  40. I dont care what kind of game it is, I will never play a computerized game. Since the odds are programmable, and outcomes are programmable. And I dont trust casinos to program them fairly.

  41. Actually that’s a certain way not to win. If you watched the video then you would know that the best way to win is to count cards.

  42. roulette is the worst…. blackjack is the best, bj with optimum strat and counting cards you have 2% edge over house, otherwise without counting cards but using optimum strat you have 0.55% thats good…..! I didnt know this stuff about video poker 100% with optimum strat thats pritty cool..

  43. tell that to my 13 reds in a row while i was using martingale to just make enough for a extra beer then walk away….

  44. funny thing is i recognized the chips from this video. It’s from sam’s town casino. I stay there every year for a bowling event, i’ll be there again the first part of this next month in may. I knew i recognized those chips!!!

  45. Best game: Roulette. 2nd best, video slots with as many reels as possible. After that you got black jack, craps and some other card games.

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