Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide, give their five best tips for winning at video poker. Topics covered include: getting a player’s club card; checking pay tables; finding the best video poker games; learning and practicing the correct strategies; and only playing when there are casino promotions available.

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  1. The casino I go to I always see the ATM with big payouts but for some reason I can't play that machine

  2. Draft kings sportsbook/casino just opened in Michigan back on February 1st. I just checked there video poker for jacks or better at $1 bet pay table is 9/4, Jacks better bonus 8/5, Bonus poker deluxe 9/6, double bonus 9/7, double double bonus 9/6, triple double bonus 9/7, duces wild 4/3, duces wild bonus 4/3, joker poker 7/5. So the best four to play in order based of your pay table are #1. double bonus poker at 9/7, #2. Triple double bonus 9/7, #3. Bonus poker deluxe 9/6, and #4. Double double bonus 9/6.

  3. I have two questions. I am totally blind and I use the iPhone with voice over. Are there any video poker software packages for the iPhone which are compatible with voice over? Two, let's say I have ten dollars. If I put one in the machine and win, what's the pay off? Is it even money or one to one, meaning I win one coin making it eleven dollars Or even money meaning I still have the original ten? Thanks

  4. Lady luck is best strategy. Thnx ! Im baccarat player learning VP to breaktime from card game.

  5. I am so tired of losing at slots so I will now play video poker. Thanks for the tips. Yes, I do use a players card and get moreplay, rooms and food all the time. I would like to win some money for a change instead of just always donating

  6. I'm watching this because I was playing video poker on gta san andreas and it was like printing money. I understand that's a video game but if the pay out is the same then I feel like a fish for playing hold em when this was right there

  7. I play the triple play progressive 5 of a kind machines. Much easier to get 5 of a kind than a royal flush.

  8. What good are free rooms or even free food if I’m trying to make real money playing. Free stuff is just an enticement to get you to lose more money obviously

  9. Went to vpfree2 an checked my local casino all it said was nothing good lol well yea I knew that

  10. Looks like only1 of the software links in there still works…im heading up to Niagara Falls the next few nights and i see there are a few decent VP games and wanted to download the strategy software

  11. You guys are great but you never talk about The Jokers Wild Machines that Atlantic city has The 8/5 version is where 5 of a kind is the jackpot for 4000 coins, Not Royal Flush which is a ripoff on the other poker machines. Anyone who has any sense should know that there are 13 ways to get a 5 of a kind and there are only four ways to get a Royal Flush, Its so obvious it's hard to get many video poker players to realize this and admit this, I am right and can prove it!!!!!

  12. Video Poker is the best slot to play I agree. But to those who don,t know this or haven,t seen this the best video poker machines to play are the ones in Atlantic City. Jokers Wild is the best game and the paytable is 8/5. But you must find a machine that the jackpot is 5 of a kind Not Royal Flush!A lot of people who play out west in Vegas or in other parts of the country don,t see these type machines and are missing out on a really good chance of winning.Remember the main reason why this type game is so good is, that there are 13 ways to get 5 of akind and there are only 4 ways to get a Royal Flush!Also on these games the joker counts for any card you need to improve your hand. On these particular machines any straight flush or royal with or without the joker gives you 500 coins for max bet which is usually 5 coins!And the 5 of a kind will give you 4000 coins! I play in Atlantic City quite a bit and The Tropicana is one of these casinos that has many of these machines from nickel and quarter to dollars. I see people hit on these machines quite frequently and have a great time. I usually hold my own much of the time but like with anyone else you still need some luck. This needs to be talked about on these u tube videos so people can understand this and see that i,m telling the truth and it really is true. Thank You !!!!!

  13. How to make a million $ playing video poker guaranteed…..start out playing with two million

  14. It's almost impossible to find top pay tables in casinos anymore. Maybe in Vegas but I've never seen a 9/6 table

  15. I really think that the newer video poker machines are controlled, at least at the Indian casinos of California. Went to two Casinos recently, Hard Rock of Sacramento and the Harrah’s of Nor Cal, I couldn’t hit but one small four of a kind in each. I played $1,700, with quarters on single hand video poker. Every time I had three of a kind I couldn’t make the hand, and the card I needed would come up on the next hand dealt. Numerous times I was one off from a Royal and next hand the card needed shows up. It’s definitely controlled or programmed, never again will I go to any Indian Casinos. I’m giving up on video poker, or any other type of gambling it’s all a lost cause! A waste of time and money, money I needed for my family. I’m feeling really sick I lost so much, please don’t make it sound like it’s so easy to win, at video poker. I am an experienced video poker player and I know the strategies for most versions. It’s all a lost cause!

  16. Sure seems like the video poker machines are programmed to hit the big hand or not. Every time I need one card to win a big hand like dealt 3 aces and need an ace or need one card to hit a royal, the card needed shows up on the next hand in the middle. Why is it sometimes I can hit numerous four of a kinds and other times I can’t hit one? I’m still not convinced they can or can’t program the video poker machine to make winning hand? Any comments are appreciated, thanks.

  17. LOL Casino's don't make mistakes when it comes to money.The reason being in my opinion of the change in payout is to have more small payouts for the higher payout .

  18. I win more without their card in. Especially if I've won a jackpot. He can say what he wants but every single jackpot I didn't have card in. When I play I've had the card in and straight loss 6 to 10 hands in a row then as soon I take it out money come back. Now maybe it's on a cycle of pay out but a pattern is a pattern

  19. In a truly random deal there should be no advantage to the casino or the player…both should have the same possibility of winning …if the chances of the casino winning is greater than 50/50 then the deal isn't random there must be a bias in the machine

  20. First time video poker Northern Quest Airway hieghts ,Wà. held the Ace of spades and the hit Royal Flush paid 20,000 credits. We had a big party with cocaine and strippers. We being me my x wife and her sister and her daughter's were the strippers.

  21. Are you seriously explaining players club cards? Oh my God! Listen to nothing these men say people!

  22. Just download Winpoker from the app store. It's only available on the Iphone though unfortunately and it is $10 but it's a life savor. You can input any pay table and it will give you the perfect strategy of what to hold when you input the hand you are unsure of for any game. Just manually input the pay table and manually put in the hand. You don't have to practice anything after that, since the calculator will tell you what to hold.

  23. they give you half what the machine says on-screen. look on top of machine it tells you how much money has for jackpot ten machines in one spot one wins jackpot mostly on ends.
    like pot of gold pay 3 50 cents on 2 dollar for jach pot mostly 25 cents you win less 3dollars a bid you get 3 7s 35 dollars win with 2 dollars win 25 dollars 250 points on sun-wed-aint but 2 dollars 50 cents you play 500 dollars you get 5 dollars 1000 dollars 10 on Wednesday more games to choose it beginners luck I went first time without card put 5 dollars in machine pot of gold won 2300 dollars off 5 queens next 2 months I went won 1500 on jackpot on jacks are better ace-high s.flush.after that I won nothing in 10 years

    get your own room next door casino you get free room from casino they well get their money back.

  24. three different cards one silver gold they are VIP. high stacks are higher bids to play.

  25. Thanks guys, I never play VP so will give it a go and I just ordered your book even tho I wont use the coupons. Great channel 👍🍀🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  26. So they basicly state that you can't win a lot playing video porker and then they say but if you use the house card then it becomes profitable because you get credits for the money you lose. Do you guys work for the casinos?

  27. if i were addicted to gambling it wouldn't be fun anymore, I like to drink and gamble in moderation because its fun!

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