As hilarious as this scene is, sadly it offers an inaccurate view of how card counting works. We have taken Hundreds of thousands from casinos by means of counting playing cards (legally). To study extra about what it actually takes to study card counting, go to

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  1. Such a fun scene haha the Consultant put every unnecessary math calculation in there but freaking wind speed. That was part of the joke I’m sure. 👍🏼

  2. I really don’t get this ‘counting cards’ thing.
    Can someone kindly explain what is it and why is it not allowed?

  3. Why does Phil Shouts ” He can’t loose”, Just out of sheer excitement ? or was it a part of the plan that I missed ?

  4. To those that dnt know….the scene coming down the elevator was exactly how tom cruise n dustin hoffman came down the elevator in the movie “rainman”. In that movie Tom Cruise character was taking his mentally challeged brother to the casino to count cards n make money….I laughed so hard at that in the theater💀😂💀😂 Zacks impression was spot on

  5. the best thing to do when you’re counting cards is lose on purpose a little bit….. so they won’t know you’re counting cards.

  6. I was a card counter in Vegas for years. It is LITERALLY 1+1. Usually not even that because the cards cancel each other out a lot of times and 7s, 8s, and 9s you completely ignore. A monkey could probably do it.

  7. Dude casinos are so uptight ppl get on lucky streak all the time and just cuz someone wins money they think they cheating or counting

  8. 2:04 Okay, Phil, I get you’re excited, but you do not say that in a Casino when you’re counting cards or if you’re on a hot streak, #1 rule in a Casino, never say “You can’t lose”

  9. just watched Rainman again and now realize this scene was pretty much a callback.
    I am now reluctantly more impressed with Hangover.

  10. Alan: u/DeepFuckingValue (Autistic Retard)
    Bradley Cooper: WSB (Major Retards)
    the dentist dude: u/DeepFuckingValue’s girlfriends boyfriend
    secuirty: The SEC (eat my dick)

  11. Fun fact: Casinos in Vegas have a intelligence AI computer system kind of like the FBI/NSA. They can put you on that list and its shared with other casinos. It recognizes your face. It basically alerts them to known cheaters immediately if they enter the casino, as well if someone banned enters again. Say you get into a fight, and get banned, and come back a few months later, they’ll know and kick your ass out.

  12. When your dared to play blackjack but are so close to making a breakthrough in you thermonuclear astrophysics

  13. Isn’t this the guy that takes the pill that makes you really smart. He would be great at Black Jack

  14. I knew I heard this song some where. I spent an hour this morning looking for it and found it by chance…

  15. You do not need to be a genius to count cards… It’s one of those silly tropes. Also the house knows when you’re counting lol

  16. the dealer dealing the cards in perfect sync with the pumping bass guitar chords. at 1:10.. aweosme

  17. 1:50 “Splitting fives” that’s a holecarding move, not a card counting move; but their profits are more in line with hole carding as well. He’d have to find a flashing dealer (or just be lucky enough to get an addictive win.)

  18. Someone know which suits Bradley Cooper is wearing ? Apparently it’s j. Lindeberg but I cannot find the exact model.

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