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The “Sports Betting Whale” who won tens of millions of dollars betting on sports reveals his “rule of 3” betting strategy to help you predict when teams are liekly to bounce back after losing 2 games in a series.

He also recaps his 8-day winning streak where he has now pocketed over $225,000!

The Whale continues max acceleration today on all of his picks. He believes that he can win a million dollars in the next 30 days of betting on sports.

The Whale also gives his free sports picks for today. He is possibly Nevada’s winningest sports bettor in the last 25-30 years.

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  1. Clearly those all lost or he would show the results after the games to encourage us to buy in to his crap. It’s been over a year

  2. I am in a homeless shelter. As of 1:13 PM, on 12/1/2019, my algorithm is45-18 against the line, this week. Over 7 weeks, in March-April of 2016, I was 78/120 for 65% on college basketball and 92/138 NBA games for 66.67%. Twice I have hit 9 in a row on college basketball. During last year’s Elite 8, I was 4-2 against the line and 5-1 on over/unders. During that same week, I went 7-0 in the NBA, TWICE!!!! My algorithm has done things that are unparalleled. But it is useless when I don’t have money to bet.

  3. I don’t sell my picks I pick my picks… 5 mins later hey would you like to pay for these picks ?

  4. Check out bag of marbles, a concept that wins. You won’t be dependent on someone else’s picks, you’ll know how to make your own.

  5. Listen up! If you have a winning system that really works and brings in so much money why the fuck tell people on Youtube!!!!!!!!!! It’s bullshit. Wake up and smell the coffee!


  7. also you may wanna keep in mind that had i known you could bet series? you would have got +265 on the bucks series and +260 on the 76ers series 👌 and then lost the celtics series……..but who cares because you would have been profitable as fuck! and thats not even counting playing them to cover as a home underdog < Js

  8. just take $100k right now and drop in on the fucking bucks to cover the spread vs the celtics << its april 26th and when that line comes down to -3 then go put $100k on it.....period! its sad when you know how to win but nobody wants to pay or they just enjoy loosing idk

  9. if i had 200k now i would drop 10k on the celtics to win the east, and 5k on them to win the championship. then i would wait until college football and crush it 😉

  10. Your free round robin lost.. 3 favorites.. By comparison on the Sports Guppy page I just so happen to have had those 3 games+1.. Colorado as a dog.. winner.. Milwaukee run line (anther dog) winner… Atlanta under.. as I write 1-1 top of 10..SHOULD win.. oh and Detroit.. dog and a winner.. I am up for the year.. are you? I did not lose all that much lat year.. did you? simple questions easy yes or no answers…Will you answer or will you not?

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