Watch this if you want to know exactly what the best sport to bet on is!

This video will explain to you how and why this sport is the most profitable one to bet on when it’s in season.

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  1. You really know your stuff . I been only betting o/U and hockey this year and I have been killing the book . I also can’t count the times I have lost by .5 on laying points . I won’t bet spread unless I am taking the dog . Great info . Thanks man look forward to future content .

  2. Enjoyed this video. Reason why you still wager on football with pointspread? Maybe we should all stay with hockey and baseball?

  3. Can you explain what’s the best bets to do? I’m new so I already seen don’t do parlays expect of it’s 2 teams what else?

  4. Great info! I read a study that said NHL games have the most underdog winners on average than any other major pro sport in the world

  5. Live betting is the way to go for football. Just have to have bankroll management and be able to hedge

  6. Teams don’t give a fuck about the spread. The top team is winning and sure, they could score that one extra field goal, but… why? the right move is to just run out the clock, because they don’t give a fuck about the spread. Never bet on somebody doing something they don’t give a fuck about.

  7. Bet the underdog ml in NFL….40 to 50 percent of dogs win out right….you can have a losing record and still have a good roi

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