I got to play Wicked Winnings 4 for the first time recently and I like the fact that it plays like version 2 , but as you will see…I love Wicked Winnings 2! This win was GIANT!

PandaJock Slots
325 N. Maple Dr.
Beverly Hills , CA

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  1. That was a good hit and congrats and thanks for sharing your videos keep them coming

  2. That was a great win. I got my 1st ever handpay on this slot machine with a screen of ravens

  3. I have never seen 2 full stacks of ravens followed by a stack of ladies! That is a rare sight for sure! WTG!

  4. Great session and run on Wicked Winnings those Ravens came thru!! Congratulations and wishing you continued luck! Stay safe and blessings 👍☘️👍☘️

  5. WOW! You nailed it! That was awesome. Thank you so much guys. Please have a wonderful and safe week…..

  6. Amazing bonus wins guys. Congrats!!!! Big thumbs up #298. Have a great week Panda 🙂

  7. wow that is huge. i'm sure your profit from playing is bigger than youtube lol. +1 always

  8. These were great guys – hey, was that Panda’s Papa I saw at the end? I see where he gets his good looks 😁

  9. Wicked Winnings 4 looks cool, I've never done well on Wicked Winnings, but if I find WW4 I'll give it a try, OMG that line hit on Everett's bonus was totally amazing, huge congrats boys😺💖😺

    Like 188, much 🍀🍀 & 💖💖 🐼, to both you & Everett, take care boys😺🍹😺

  10. I went to Morongo casino this weekend. First time going there and played the Wicked Winning 3 penny slot and won $6432.00 jackpot with the max bet of $2.50. It was my first time playing the game. This was my biggest jackpot ever!! Started with a $100

  11. Eso es todo mí amigo buena suerte en el juego wicked winnings felicidades👍

  12. More winnings the next time my friend. Good vibes your way all the time. Enjoy your week. From Din and wilma🥰🐶.

  13. Hi cute panda guy. How's hubby and baby boy 🐾? Which wicked winnings version did you get that big bonus? Congratulations!

  14. Great come back. Congrats to Everett that was an amazing bonus.Thanks for sharing. Hope u two have a great Tuesday. Stay safe. Hope u had fun on your trip.🐼💚💕💚☘🐼

  15. WW is one of the hardest slots but if you hit a good line , then it goes nuts win pretty big

  16. Awesome win Panda how was the casino this weekend? Where did you go was your local opened? Everything is still shut down in N.J. I can't wait for everything to get back to normal or at least semi normal lol. I hope you enjoyed your holiday have a Awesome Tuesday Panda

  17. OMG Everett! Those ravens are crazy volatile! Just 3 in a row lands a $75 hit? Insane! WW has always been your game I think! Loved the big stuffed panda at the end! Hope you guys have a great week!! ❤️❤️

  18. Ooowwweee, SUGA!!! That was NICE PLAY ON WICKED WINNINGS!!!😁😁😁😁 I hope you guys had some AMAZING LUCK over the weekend!!🤗❤💙💜💛💚🤗

  19. Good morning guys 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I’m officially hooked on Spin it Grand. Played for the first time on Sunday in Tunica. Nice bonus and it’s an exciting game. Have a great week and see y’all soon 😎

  20. I love both games 4 is fun but nothing like 2 ! Omg ravens !!!! Great job and great video!!!


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