Tottenham Hotspur vs Norwich City Betting Review - 5th December

In English Premier League, both the teams played a lot of games in the past. I want to ask you if you have experience, then do not hesitate to apply. The betting review has consisted of the latest performance, head-to-head, squads, predictions, and goals in English Premier League.

Latest Performance

I have checked that Tottenham played six games to win in 2. On the other hand, Norwich also played an exact number of games to win in one. It is the significant difference between the two teams.

Head to Head

Both the teams faced each other before one year and failed to release any result. The match ended without any result. Finally, Norwich posted three-plenty goals versus 2 of the other team.


No one has declared the final squad for the match. I will try my best to post a piece of appropriate information about teams. According to my own experience, there will not be any change in squads.


If we want to see predictions, then do not forget to know about profiles. Tottenham picked 60% chances to win. On the other hand, Norwich City also claimed 17% chances to carry the day.

Goals in English Premier League

In the English Premier League, Tottenham played five matches to win three. They scored four goals and connected seven also. Son was the best scorer with four goals.

On the other hand, Norwich City also took part in an exact number of matches. They played in six games to win one. The entire team posted two goals and conceded 16 also. Teemu was the best player with three.

Betting Odds & Tips

It is not an easy task to claim the betting rate. According to my information, Norwich City picked more betting rates versus Hotspur. We made these predictions on behalf of past data.


I tried my best to post all the appropriate information for viewers. If you still have any issues, then you need to compare facts and figures. However, we are not responsible for any loss in betting. At last, Norwich city is going to beat one more time.

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