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"Trick To Get JACKPOT"!!! Algorithm Of Slot Machine Last Day On Earth


  1. When you get a jackpot its already pre determined what youre gonna get you dont need to waste time thinking about what you should pick

  2. This is bs. I've gotten jackpots back to back without it being lit up. Stop spreading false info

  3. nothing you say is true
    flipping the caps is just distraction. When you get a jackpot the prize is already determinded
    also every throw is predeterminded if you win something or not, but sometimes with lower input you get caps and with higher input you get a jackpot

  4. I have got 4 jackpots, using bloodhound skill(20%) only with 300 caps. To need to understand the algorithm i spent hours just watching and comparing the chance of getting transmittion. I saw many youtubers spinnig tons of caps, so i can calculate. And i was successful..

  5. the slots are rigged. the flip is bogus. dont sspend money on this. better raid bunkers than this. tried it with 6k caps got trash. no atv transmission.

  6. Can someone tell Kefir to let us see where other caps were so we know it's not rigged i mean it is rigged, but still

  7. I don’t see how this is a trick. I’ve gotten the jack pot a few times without the Lights being on. And even if it’s so this doesn’t make it a trick, it’s just the way it works and there is no way to change trick or abuse the pattern. Unless I’m missing something. Jackpots come when they come and we can’t change it is what I’m trying to say. Hopefully this makes since. Lol

  8. U are wrong man u can get the jackpot even if this thing is not lighted up and still u can reset data trick the machine and u will get the past 20 spins the same I did that and I got the lucky one spin and other stuff so delete this lame troll video and do this shit right while y still can thank me later then u will get atv transmissions

  9. From each jackpot to the next is at least 37 spins to 47 spins that's the prime zone I have 9 out of 10 times

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