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Today We Play a UK slot machine Batman Begins & show you a secret hack and also hit the top game feature! Watch to see what happens. After getting a win hold down all 3 buttons and put your coin in, sometimes it will hold and you get an extra win, do make sure you press the buttons again to actually hold them, use a 10p coin as you can keep doing it sometimes. Subscribe for new videos every week.

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  1. There was no hacks, click bait, never watch again, learn from it, if you genuinely want genuine followers don’t lie about you video so people watch it

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  3. Please someone tell me so at 2:43 they had 3 nudges but when they ran out they got another 3 nudges, how does that work out?

  4. I always play this machine when I go there. They are really good to play I win loads of them but then sometimes you won’t earn much out of them. But good videos. Ignore the haters x

  5. Amazing skills you should write the next best seller. You guys nearly emptied the machines. Pity it was only out by a little. Can't wait for the next video.

    In the meantime don't give up your day jobs

  6. Am I watching a different video from everyone else because I see crap really!!!! I've won a whole pound OMG

  7. Liked these videos until ads started now asking for donations I'm sure the daily sport/star would happily pay her

  8. How rough must that place be that they need a triple-padlocked locking bar on a £5 fruit machine 😮

  9. When u got 3 machines connected to each other if one pays out big the others normally won’t as the other machines are feeding the one that won big so if you both play one each one will win more then the other but that’s the way they won’t they will only pay out after it’s Been fed so if 3 people play at once it will pay out a lot more for one person who gets lucky

  10. Why do you always play the same type of machines would like to see you play a different one

  11. It makes no differance on the top feature if you press the button to make it go or leave it to time out, as the machines program allready knows what its going to pay you before it starts the feature

  12. It only spins the win in if you hold 2 reels 3 times, it is mostly pointless holding just 1 reel

  13. Nice try good to see you can walk away from a cold machine. I have just one piece of advice i wish someone had given me before losing thousands over the years. STAY CLRAR OF THE 500 JACKPOTS. Trust me you will lose everything you cannot win, they are there to take all your money very quickly, stick with your current plan and keep it fun. 👍

  14. It's tough to win on slots! I play once in a while maybe once or twice a year & not too much money but I have only had one really good session where I won something ok. Maybe 7 or 8 years ago we went to Penticton, Canada for a 3 day weekend & I won enough to pay for the trip & bring home a few dollars as well but that was my only decent session.

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