Why the hotels in Las Vegas are not promoting the Superbowl, and a casino operator has ended allowing youtubers in during livestreams.

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  1. Help fund more quality content?
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    👉 Support via Patreon

    👉 Support via PayPal
    [email protected]
    👉 Support via Cash App

  2. I’ve already experienced this type of behavior by companies. I filmed at an expo then the promoter/owner of the expo contacted me demanding that I give him my footage because he owns the expo and he did not appreciate a youtuber making money off his show.

    Keep in mind it’s a free show to the public, he gets paid by each vendor, he gets free swag from vendors as well as discounts from vendors. He also let’s people take pictures and post on IG and YouTube if you are a small channel but if you get 100k views then he wants the profits.

    Also keep in mind many youtubers give these expos free advertising and free pre show promotions to let viewers know the expo is coming.

    So not only does this guys want me to do all the social media on my own dime. He does pay me. He wants free access to my thousands of subscribers and millions of views.

    He hasn’t banned me yet but he is shaking me down for sure.

  3. Video and pictures was always banned in Vegas casinos. It’s not new. Then all of a sudden guys like you start videoing inside casinos. Not everyone wants to be videos while they are in a casino.

  4. I guess Hitler used citizens to tattle on Jews. It’s very sad and scary how the state has managed to instill this type of fear in the people of this country.

  5. Tampa Bay !!! , with less than 3 days make a res at a Local bar to watch the game

    big brother is always watching, and this is a “sneaky” way for them to et their fine money.

  6. What about Vlogging inside the casinos? I’m afraid one day they may ban it from Disney parks because of how many Disney vloggers there are and filming the parks and all the live streams.

  7. I do not think it’s right that the state fined the casino or casinos because they saw some one or some body not wearing a mask or social distancing. Through someone or somebody cameras…. They need to physically going around and check instead of taking advantage of people s that are taping or whatever it is….
    I also loved the state Nevada. Thank you so much for bringing us the news. I loved your channel.

  8. Hate to say it Blogger don’t belong inside.

    I don’t want to be filmed walking with my 🍫🍫 skin lady of the evening….highly embarrassing.
    What I tell my Boss, unusual receipts.

  9. Chiefs! (and it is not just casinos getting targeted…local bars have officers come in too to check for compliance.)

  10. what about the idea of opening shows and other closed venues to those that can prove they have had covid shots?

  11. That is pretty disappointing if MGM Resorts does stop letting YouTubers livestream and/or film in the casinos.

  12. Im going with Brady, im not threatened by his roughed good looks, beautiful super model wife or perfect life

  13. A few months ago a Vegas YouTuber Pompsie paid for an overnight at the Cosmo and he got kicked out because he had professional recording camera.
    They even went to his room to get him because he couldn’t even have the camera in his room. He wasn’t informed at the front desk about it. Only was told he couldn’t record.
    I guess recording with a cell phone is ok but not professional cameras.

  14. Does wynn has same YouTube policy? Because i think they always restricted filming in their resort.

  15. Restaurants and Bars are at limited capacity; the casinos do not want to be considered a spike in cases. When herd immunity is achieved and when people feel comfortable being around each other again, the restaurants and bars will return to full capacity again.
    Be patient, Be Safe, and enjoy your self from your home or your nice hotel room.

  16. Well the Bucs have more experienced players especially Brady. It all depends who shows up to play the defense and offense👍

  17. Yes they are having viewing events but thu emails , bars like beer park are selling viewing party tickets, , elis Island is having one , Fremont street hotels are having also

  18. I live in Tampa, so of course I’m 100% for the Bucs! We’re also the host city for this year’s Superbowl. Normal capacity for our stadium is 65, 890. Because of the pandemic, the capcity for the Superbowl is capped at 25,000, and 7,500 tickets were given to health care workers who have been vaccinated. That’s why there are less people coming here for this Superbowl versus how it would have been if this was a “normal” year. Go Bucs! 🏈

  19. Yeah, go buy cheap liquor and watch the game in your hotel room. Also, make sure you buy masks from this guy at $12.50 a pop and wear them everywhere so you can be healthy.

  20. I think I heard Fremont Street was also making it hard for Youtubers. I think you need to pay a filming fee now?

  21. Went to Vegas last year for private watch party SB at Luxor and was pretty good. No way in hell would I go this year to watch the SB in Vegas.

  22. I’ve been getting numerous promotional material from different resorts and hotels for the Super Bowl for a couple of months. Got tickets for a couple properties to watch it and for the big D party at the downtown events center. It’s a shame you couldn’t get any tickets from Richard Wilk.

  23. As a slot YouTuber this makes me really sad!!! I don’t do live streams but I do video my bonuses. Wonder if they will stop me from recording at the Bellagio. I’m staying there in March.

  24. My guess is the casinos are tired of being hassled about not being strict enough about masking or social distancing. Fines for this are plain ridiculous. 1 year into this we all know the risks yet you still have tattle tales and bitchers complaining about people not masking or having it over their nose. Those people need to stay home, if your fear of the virus is that great why are you in an entertainment venue? The risk should be too great for just some entertainment. I can’t blame the casinos they have been crushed financially for a year and now the powers that be are saying masking and social distancing will be required even after vaccines. This is plain stupid. With this thought process shows or conventions will never come back, sporting events will have limited crowds etc. Its time for people to make a stand and insist on optional masking. If someone wants to wear it by all means wear it however stop telling those of us who don’t want one we have to!

  25. I’ve watched Brady run away with the title and I’ve watched him fight until the bitter end and win and I’ve watched him get lucky and win. I will bet on Brady until the days he retires.

  26. Don’t tell people to go to their “suite or room” while in Vegas and accept this kind of treatment. Tell them to go somewhere else. You’re telling people to accept that only elites get to watch the game in selected venues in Vegas and not them! Now I get it.. You’re from Canada. Did you know that Canada is training Chinese troops to attack America. Nice to know our neighbor is quickly becoming our enemy. Go fact check. It’s happening..

  27. ( So let’s be Honestly Crystal Clear Casino VEGAS Mega Resorts are “Banning” Video Filming on their properties because they are NOT Following CDC Safety Guidelines and not Doing their Jobs?? NOTHING NEW)

  28. Essentially, what you’re saying and reinforcing is, the elites get the play and watch the Super Bowl in a nice casino and party. While the average person is not allowed to gain access. Seems consistent with what is happening in our country. The elites are taking over and we’re losing our freedoms. In fact, Dr. Fauci came out today and said we should not be gathering for the Super Bowl at all and we definitely shouldn’t cheer yell. America is gone.

  29. LMAO I love your last idea of getting cheap liquor and enjoy the game! People will still walk around.
    Some E.D.D. money has hit. It should be busy! Mark my words. Fights etc.
    I really noticed your Canadian accent finally. 🥰👍👌😁

  30. 6:30 I think that’s ridiculous and lazy if the state is reviewing Vegas blog videos and issuing fines from what they’re seen. IMO, not to be rude, it’s like relying on random / average Joe’s video rather than the elaborate security surveillance system footage to review for possible safety infractions. **Its a bullshit excuse to keep vlogers out**

  31. They don’t want Youtubers making $$$ off them. They will have their choice Tubers or they will have their own corporate YouTube channel. Mark my words….it would be smart for them to have their own.
    Also, some people are hiding in Las Vegas. Having fun…cheating lol. They don’t want to be exposed.

  32. As a previous chef in Vegas I’ll give you a heads up on why so busy for super bowl. People come here in groups, watch the game and party in the rooms. Then head out to casinos.

    Room service at my hotel ran just under $400 for 20 domestic beers on ice. That was back in 2013.

  33. Enjoy your show but want to tell you,take a fucking breath once in a while! What’s your hurry..

  34. MGM first to implement resort fees, first to charge for parking and now banning YouTuber, time to boycott all MGM properties!!!

  35. Mahomes is good, but still rooting for Brady (still going at it in his early 40s! 💪) and Gronk is fun to watch!!! Can’t wait 😄 Sorry to hear that they are discouraging vloggers, but like you mentioned it’s understandable…

  36. All of the casino properties got hyper uptight about people recording video starting last summer and it has nothing to do with stock prices or people seeing how dead it is… they are cracking down on it because they don’t want to see more videos of the fighting, assaults and shootings being spread all around YouTube and national news.

  37. I will be in town to take care of some gambling business but I’m sure not going to watch somebody disrespect my country and flag and fallen heroes

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