You may have seen round robin as a betting option at your sportsbook, but never dipped your toes into waters.

A round robin is really just a series of smaller parlays created from a larger list of teams. Your sportsbook will create every possible parlay combination based on the parlay size and number of teams you select.

For example, with three teams selected — Ravens -6, Titans +5, Packers -10, for example — you can create three separate, two-team parlays.

— Ravens -6, Titans +5
— Ravens -6, Packers -10
— Titans +5, Packers -10

If you put $10 on all those parlays (for $30 total) and all three teams win, you win all three parlays.

The more teams you add, the more parlay combinations you can create.

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  1. These bets have high payouts for a reason. It’s like walking up to a craps table and watching some guy throw money on the hard ways and horn bets over and over. He might win a few, but he’s out of money soon enough. Money management is the key to actually making some money on sports betting. Otherwise, you’re just doing it for entertainment.

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