In this video I try to explain what a “unit” is in sports betting.

Often bettors are referring to risking or betting 1 unit, 2 unit, etc per play, but many beginners aren’t sure what they mean by a “unit”.

Check out the video, but I will try and explain it below as well…

Basically a unit is a way to measure the size of your bets. Each bettor can have their own definition of what a unit is, but most commonly 1 unit = 1% of your bankroll.

If you were to risk 5 units on a play you would be risking 5% of your bankroll.

But it is important to realize that everyone has their own definition of a unit. One bettor may say that his 1 unit = 5% of his bankroll, while the other might say 1 unit = 0.5% of his bankroll.

A unit is a good way to measure sports betting success. A handicapper might be boasting their 20-15 record, but they might actually be down -4.55 units (like shown as an example in the video) if they are betting only on big favorites on the moneyline.

If you are ever following a sports bettors picks you should ask them what their definition of a “unit” is, so that you can calculate how much of your bankroll they suggest you risk per wager. You should also never look at a record to see if they are successful, but rather ask for units +/-.

For more on a sports betting unit:

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  1. What about if I’m placing 2-3 bets at once? Let’s say my bankroll is 100, I bet $5 (1 unit=1%) on a bet. Now I want to bet on another game that takes place at the same time. Do I calculate units off of my new bankroll of $95 (while the first bet is still pending?) or do I base it off of the original bankroll of $100? What if I am placing 5 bets simultaneously that will occur at different times scattered throughout the day? I know these questions may be redundant but any advice/suggestion is appreciated. Or are these just a stupid question because your bankroll is always the same number because it just means the amount of money you have made available for betting?

  2. Thanks bro what is 25,50,100 unit bet who has 10,000 bankroll he he’d profit off $600k in one month can I explain it please thanks

  3. Question:
    If a unit is equal to $50, and I bet a team.. ex Saints -7 (-110). Is the proper 1 unit bet, risk $55 to win $50 (a unit), or bet $50 (a unit) to win (around) $47.50?

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