In this video I explain why teasers are the worst type of bet there is. Teasers are so bad, they make parlays look like sound financial investments. This is because they carry massive house edges that are unrivaled by any other bet type.

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  1. Nobody bets teasers on College football….teasers only work on NFL games that the spread covers 3-4-7-10 and don’t cross zero.

  2. I wonder what the math looks like on say, strictly 6 point teasers in the +1.5 to +2.5 range, and the -7.5 to -8.5 range are for the NFL only, especially on low point total games. I feel the house edge is much, much smaller on those. Combined with good handicapping, it could and is profitable long term, for some. College football teasers are bad plays regardless, that’s obvious because of the larger fluctuations in points and possessions compared with the NFL.

  3. This video is a wash. He lost me at college. What fucking idiot bets teasers in college where the scores are so drastic. But in the NFL, they pay. And teasers aren’t even the way to go anymore. It’s now called an alternate line parlay. The odds pay better than teasers and u can make the spread whatever u want.

  4. Good stuff. I’m aware that your target market is newer bettors, but it’s a common fallacy to lump all possible teaser bets together to claim teasers are never worth playing.

    Of course teasing a 38 point dog to +44 is useless, but a 2 point dog at +8 can be a different story.

    I never play them in college but the right numbers at the right odds in NFL can be profitable.

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