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  1. On mma chances are the favourites always win. My advice bet on the black guy and never bet on the main or Co main events or title fights. Just bet the undercard.

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  4. Yikes dude…you really botched the use of that compounding calculator. You can’t take a years variable and turn it into a months variable.

  5. Many issues with this starting with simple math formulas are incorrect, Annual is 364%. monthly is 30.31%, not 28%. Compounding interest is great but your compounding your entire principal not your actual bet amount.

  6. Those 14 bets cost you $700. It’s quite possible you could have lost all of them!!! 🙂 That is the nature of gambling!!!

  7. Bet on the oppisite what i think is gona win thats how u get beat u think u know the spread gets u

  8. This video is pretty retarded.. No1 knows what Odds to aim for.. Dont tell me that if you put 10 bets on odds 1.20 , and losing 40 procent or more, that u would make money.. thats not right

  9. You put 12 for “years to grow” and then you said it was months… Lol.. just bc you say it’s 12 months doesn’t change the calculators format or terms of years to grow…. So it isn’t 19000.. idk what it is…but those calculations are wrong.. unless I’m missing something… Not trying to be rude…just don’t want people being mislead

  10. On MMA i have being good and bad.
    4/4 not bad though.
    There are good sports for betting. But mostly try on avoiding sports which you aren’t following or aren’t watching.
    So sport betting has being a huge help.

  11. This is all wrong…you didn`t mention nothing about odds and you was slick with that calculator but i see what you did there

  12. On your calculated your putting in 24 months. But the calculator say years… So are thos calculations wrong?

  13. Good Video, I won my football pool listening to your tips and reading a little book by Josh Bronson, Make Money on Sports, Bet to Win, Book link:

  14. I bet in 3 catagories. A: 56+ ( lowest amount as I don’t care if lost). B ( Amount which can potentially win a profit from 58 to 70 % winning chance)
    C: (I care for this amount a lot n not wanna lose it but still dare coz I’m 80±% sure to win).
    If u play with my strategy no doubt that u’ll make money. Good luck

  15. 5%? my unit is 1% and is the maximum, i usually bet in between 0.5% – 1% depending on bet.
    and im at a loss in 2018

    ps please mention to folks when you say football is the rugby in america, and is not real football invented by the british (you call that soccer)

  16. This is just like trading. Just like investing. No magic trick. Money management is key.

  17. fascinating!!!!!!!! i like the idea but i don’t think i can hit 8-6 each week. if i can i will be rich.. i will bet $500 a unit or $1000 a unit..

  18. I bet you $1000 that in this “free” book it will have in there a suggestion by you to subscribe and or buy another book that you put together in your mums basement for more “investment betting advice”. I’ll give you a 100% return on that bet too.

  19. Sean love your show and all your input.
    Really has made a difference in my returns.
    Keep up the great Plays and info.

  20. Bet 10 % of your bankroll per bet so you have to be very selective if you cant win then you have no business gambling
    The best way is to play on house money start out slow then as your winning stack then risk only the money you won .
    Take your money out you put in and withdraw winning on a gradual basis .not all bets are 50 / 50 value so bet the moneyline
    Take good Risks bet bets 300 / 400 to win 100 if you are selective you can beat the books … I Know… also when you start lossing
    more than winning stop the gambling ether temporary or for good depending on your track record of course. Most people I would say have
    no business gambling but they make it easier for the ones that do . Never ever Risk more than you can afford to lose ( dont bet the house )
    remember this tennis matchs are often blown as well as in other sports so you have to factor that in…Also its not a good advise
    to get friends , family, coworkers ect involved in gambling…any questions ?

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  22. Ok…”years to grow,” is not “months to grow.” When you input 12 into the “years” formula in place of “months” your numbers are WAY off, its like a 144 multiplier…still making profit, no doubt, and thats the point of handicapping so your point is still valid, but the profits are profoundly misleading. 280 profit per month, short of the % increase, is 3360 for the year, not almost 20,000…280 profit per month (short of % increases per month, which at a 1000 start is not THAT much) X 12 is not 20k. How did you not catch this before posting? No trolling, just sayin…

  23. this is great info tho if you to have losing/break even months arent these numbers are skewed a bit ?

  24. They fail because they have no idea what it takes to be successful at sports betting, takes a lot of hard work to get to the top 😎👍💰🤘😁

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  26. The website no longer exists. Does anyone know what happened or how to reach this guy? Thanks.

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  28. Total fairy tale if you can hit 57% you are arguably the best handicapper on the planet. Nobody beats the Casino’s straight up, there info about money management is good but everything else in video is nonsense. It’s more grinding out wins , betting on futures , props , wagers that the player actually has a advantage on. Everything you bet must be +ev (expected value) that is how you beat sportsbetting.

  29. How do you make a small fortune betting on sports? That’s easy! Just start with a large fortune!😝

  30. cut to the chase if you get a rare good win £1000 + don’t plough it back into the bookies, like most mugs and gamblers. have a treat, put most in the bank and mess around with a quick quid. or maybe 10% of your win.

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