Want to Win at Sports Betting? Looking for a Sports Betting Strategy?On this episode of Sports Betting Tips from the WagerTalk TV Studios in Las Vegas WagerTalk.com TV host Kelly Stewart talks with professional sports bettor Vegas Frank and goes over some of his personal handicapping tips

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  1. I guess I’m a square. I bet hard on both favorites to win the first round of the CFP. Bama should have covered easily, but took their foot off the gas, and got back-doored. Clemson got trucked, thanks to coach Dabo. Lost my ass. Should I have really predicted that ND would back door cover? Tide should have won by 40. Should I really have predicted that OSU would blow the doors off of Clemson? Think I will stick to horse racing. SMH.

  2. Whats your picks for this years college bowl picks? And by how much will they win?

  3. I just want to know where I can bet sports , Las vegas? if not from Nevada, may give up on online central america

  4. 8:50 “You’re losing tremendous value, thats why there is SUCH A BIG…okay nevermind.”
    Couldn’t let the cat out of the bag eh? WTF.
    do these people really want to help, or just get more fish in the pool?

  5. Why would anyone bet futures? The odds are terrible and usually you have to wait months to know if you won the bet. Instant gratification is much better.

  6. As a disabled Sports Bettor I would like to know what you think about the fact that Gambling online allows for more people who can’t get to a sports book can wager on sports and even turn pro?

  7. The Ravens (+9) were never +400 in the AFC Championship Game vs the Patriots. I know because I bet the Ravens and the max I ever saw that moneyline at +325. Most books had it at +300. Typical tout that makes up numbers.

  8. Best way to improve in my opinion is to build a betting tracker where you can track your own bets from every possible betting aspect for example, wins/losses, prices/unit size, opening odds/closing odds, line number gained/lost, closing line % you beat the line, yield, margins, win rate% and you could go on & on & on… If you are relatively good with google sheet & know how they work, it could be build-able and very informative to improve your game without help of anybody, good luck.

  9. Frozen 😃 smile on her face there near the end amid all the goobly-gok. You just knew she was thinking to herself, “What in the hell am I buying for dinner tonight when I leave here . .?

  10. Frank and company at Vegas Synergy want to offer a discount to all WagerTalk TV viewers. Frank and Cris release a bunch of 2% rated plays that only come with the All Access and you can take $100 OFF their 1 Month All Access using coupon code VEGAS100.

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