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0:00 –Intro
0:34 –51.4 Million XRP Moved
1:00 –Ripple Lawyer Bullish on new Admin.
2:20 –Japan Rallies Behind XRP
3:05 –BBVA Jumps into Crypto
3:54 –Janet Yellen “Crypto Concerns”
6:12 –XRP Outperforms BTC BY 5%
6:27 –CSC Casino Coin News
7:54 –Altcoin Season Index/ LiveCoin Watch
8:10 –Outro
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🏳 Sources 🏳

Ripple lawyer hopes for aid from Biden’s government


XRP Outperforms BTC by 5% Following Biden Appointment

Press Release regarding future of CasinoCoin


**I’m not a financial advisor! This is just for entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research before stacking your bags or holding your crypto on any exchanges. Please don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.** XRP THE STANDARD 💰💰💰
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  1. The government is the terrorist lmao! They are the ones creating the evil. No small man has any power or means to do anything … they are the ones financing and creating weapons and funding wars and eating children and pedophiles and stealing taxes etc…

  2. that exit song is fiyah. i think ur next song u need a different female vocal, some of lady e’s raps make me cringe lol

  3. Just backed the damn dump truck up. When do you think its going to
    Lol. I can retire if it goes to 10 cent. Oddly. I gravitated to this not knowing it just hit it all time low 2 wks ago..Lets gooooooo. 🚀⏱

  4. It’s good see your face brew… keep it bigger…overlay if necessary..you a celeb..show that face dude!

  5. Stand Firm And Remain XRP Strong We’re At The New Frontier, The Dawn Of The Era Of Interoperability, I.O.V And The Era Of The Digital Decade!!!

  6. First of all WHERE IS THE PROOF of miss use of cryto.? And who Exactly is doing it… Everyone shouldn’t have to suffer for a few bad people, of its true…..
    They are actually evading our financial space that We The 1 % has grew up into something amazing!
    America is criminal.
    Hopefully we moon before the invasion of our space…… 🚀 🌙
    Stay Bullish! They are just trying to get cryto out of weak hands ✋……
    Tic Toc…… 🔥
    1 Luv Bagz 💪

  7. Look at NiftyGotchi they’ve got some collabs in the works with Matic, MEME and a few other tokens, just thought I’d spread the word before it sees some heavy action. It’s a game based on Tamagotchi that revoles around 3 main currencies. TME, TMC and TAMAG. 
    Telegram: t.me/niftygotchi

  8. AS OF JAN 19, 2021 USA CORPORATION IS BANKRUPT. BIDEN HAS NO POWER AND IS PLAYING GOVERNMENT. On 2017 Trump assigned ripple for our digital money. On March 4th it will come together.

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