This is the August 28, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

1:55 A 12-year-old transgender girl named Maddie was harassed and threatened online after using the girl’s bathroom at school

10:37 Paul Manafort is about to start a new trial about his work as a lobbyist on behalf of Viktor Yanukovych

15:03 The U.N. released a report today that says every party fighting to control Yemen may have committed war crimes

17:55 Since a Supreme Court ruling in May, five states have legalized sports gambling and three states are looking into it

24:29 Charli XCX returns to review new music in this installment of Music Critic.

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  1. So if a kid is openly gay does that mean he shouldn’t be allowed in the boys bathroom? Ridiculous!

  2. This is why kids shouldn’t be allowed on social media and parents shouldn’t involve kids in grown up issues!

  3. so they won’t give this boy a separate bathroom and he wants to live town.this young boy really has bigger mental issues.

  4. I want to see them start an international turtle racing league. Turtles with mouse jockeys. That I can bet on.

  5. Saudi arabia kills only a group called “alhothie” we attack the cuz they are camping in our boarder and trying to get into the country and destroy it .

  6. The whole basis for public schools segregating the sexes is predicated on the notion that children cannot receive full constitutional protection. That is predicated on the Christian notion of consent it is foreign to America and our constitution.

  7. Auto tune sucks and she likes auto tune. Real instruments is the best thing to have unless you are doing techno music. Peace, Flood!

  8. there is no such thing as a trans sex or gender, there is male and female… confusing this could really cause psychological problems with that young lady… she should have to prove by way of a doctor that she has male parts if she really is “trans” lets see it, cause i bet she has a vagina and the mother is confusing the child

  9. I think the problem is with the Mother, calling her daughter “trans” when she is clearly a girl with girl parts

  10. Gender doesn’t exist, it’s all in people’s heads but what does exist is sex, not matter how hard you try and how many supplements you take you will always be male or female. At the end of the day you cannot change what you were born as because your chromosomes don’t change just because you say you’re bi or pan or whatever else.

  11. Just build some stupid toilets…. and problem solved. Instead of giving them money to move, use that money to build a toilets. So So SO Stupid

  12. i tend to be pretty conservative on a lot of topics but that child should not have to change home because of hatred, I’m sincerely sad for her

  13. I personally don’t gamble, except for poker nights with a few buddies twice a month which is more an excuse to get together and have a few beers with friends than cards, or gambling. We actually play 1-2 pot limit so when we’ve had a few too many nobody gets crazy. However I’m all for legalized gambling, not just for the tax revenue. It’s going to be a lot, but it’ll be misused like everything else here in NJ. But I think it’s crazy that the government even has the right to tell adults not to bet on sports, or you’ll face legal consequences. We can send you to war, by draft if we have to, but don’t you bet on a football game, or smoke pot in the privacy of your own home or you’ll be punished! Absolute nonsense.

  14. Poor kid, has a crazy parents. How they talk, dress, behave. In the end, filth always comes from the parents.

  15. Throw that trans kid in a war zone.. I bet he’ll resume being a boy very fast… His mom’s look at 4:49 , tells pretty much all… That kid is a victim of having degenerates for parents.. Also the gay mayor that ”coincidentally” wears a masonic ring on his finger… Yeah it figures…

  16. UN banned airstrikes ,clutter bombing on civilians ,sanctions on economic for their regime collapse . Human right laws not believed invasion pressure episodes
    Any side hold hand on human-woman,children’s shield in warzone ,whether on talk or not

  17. y did you guys withhold the names of the parents sending those online messages attacking the little girl?

  18. u live in a town that hates color people. girl your 1 in a billion go live somewhere that accepts you u deserve better
    .who cares about where a little girl pees. you buncha creeps

  19. Here’s why Trump’s Travel ban is racist.

    Here’s why every party fighting to control Yemen may have committed war crimes.

  20. Paul Manaforts charges have nothing to do with the BS Russian Collusion claims by the Democrats or anything with our elections. Remember that all this came from the investigation that is supposed to find Russia interfering in our elections. But because of the Special Counsel you can go and find anything. Not saying that Manafort should not do the time for the prosecution of his crimes, he should. But if Mueller has not found anything to actually prosecute on Russian and Candidate Trump collusion then the Special Counsel should be disbanded.

    The bombing of Yemen will drive people into the embracing arms of Al Qaeda. And build the fighters for our sons and daughters to fight in the decades to come. Just as the US DOD, CIA, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia trained the Mujahidin to fight the Russians in Afghanistan.

    It’s really funny how the state and corporate powers try to sell gambling as a win win situation. It’s just gambling. People will lose their money some will win. But the house always wins in the end. I’m putting $20 on McGregor.

  21. I was stationed in that racist ignorant shithole called Oklahoma F that place, yall need to move out of those red states

  22. The trans family is all weird af… That kids preferred gender is probably the least of his issues..

  23. no body wanted to watch the video about the transgender child, so to get it viewed you sneak it into this upload…. snazzy….

  24. A Hilary prosecution would legitify a Trump prosecution. No one cares about Hilary’s crimes though only the terrible rebublican president? Politically motivated and a stain on legitment law and order! Here’s a cheat sheet for all of you, they are all corrupt. Pathetic

  25. Let’s start by saying sorry. But you are a boy not a girl. Sorry. The only way you can be a girl or fake girl is by taking drugs. If you stop taking the drugs then all your fake hormones will go away. And you would be a man. I don’t want any boy trans in the same bathroom as my girl.

  26. So …is it a boy or a girl ?
    Like not how they identify but how was this person born I can’t tell some one help me out here ?

  27. That’s Oklahoma for you… I lived there for years and I say we need to quarantine that state off before they infect the rest of the gene pool

  28. yeah, Not to be that guy…. But this Trans kid clearly has some mental issues that haven’t been resolved. I understand they’re only twelve. But she didn’t say a single complete sentence in this video.

  29. God bless you Maddie. You seem like an upright chick. Forget these narcissistic egotistical a-holes. Stay cool and positive and you’ll always be the “bigger” person. It’s been my experience that a peaceful person is always hated by evil people. Welcome to the club girl, please stay positive and you’ll always be the bigger person.

  30. NGOs are screaming for the right of wild animals to live, vegans are calling to stop animal slaughter … but these kids? These families? It seems that the world consider them as rotten meat, just made to serve as targets for billions of weapons manufactured… What a great era humans are having!!

  31. The girl is considering herself being a female, so where’s the problem if she goes to girl’s bathroom … Hey! Didn’t they notice her boobs? Do you want her to go change a short in the boy’s compartment?
    What the hell is going on? People being gay or transgender is nobody else’s business … they don’t come to you asking you to be gay or to change your sex … When will people learn to mind their own business and stop putting their filthy noses everywhere!!??

  32. Why does it matter where she pees if I saw her in public I wouldn’t be able to tell if she was trans it’s not a big deal

  33. These parents should be arrested for child abuse. I am truly disgusted that they are so scared of hurting their childs feelings that they not only allow but fund and promote their childs destruction. Truly fucking horrible human beings, if you want to act on delusions to the extent of “changing” your gender and permanently altering your brain chemistry with hormones I believe you should at least be an adult.

  34. i trusted you vice. why so much about transkids? they have they own life, why so much in news? ok, we got that they have souls, but why i need to hear that with my straigt family? damn

  35. Interesting to see how many intolerant people there are in conservative US sates when it comes about transgenders. Couldn’t care less where a girl or boy pees. They should be able to decide on their own. What’s really the argument against it?

  36. 00:00 ~ 14:59 one story
    sad . healthy male kid whom looks & sounds female . so sad . any way . each chosed their own way .
    15:00 ~ starts Yemen story
    17:49 ~ starts Gambling topic
    5 TOPICS ! ! ! ! and i have to click on the “show more” ~ is this a kind of peep show ?
    didnt know that .
    came here for the Yemen story since the headlines says ~
    “Yemen War Crimes & Sports Gambling: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)”

  37. We’re Yemenis thank you so much vice news for covering my country, they should know we’re human Before anything else…

  38. What’s up with all this trans propaganda to make everyone feel bad for what trans kids goes thru but then the propaganda wants to pretend that the feelings of the trans kids is the only feelings that matter & that the regular kids dont care that sumone with other genitalia is changing & going to the bathroom in the same bathroom or locker room( why even separate the boys & girls then?) & also i love how everyone is supposed to pretend that no pervert is gunna use this to be a peeking tom except they won’t have to hide & peek thru a hole.

  39. I can’t believe California is dumb enough to get rid of cash bail. Good luck getting out if wrongfully charged.

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